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I'm the one doin' the talking here! I'm the one in control!
~ Mario Zucchero

Mario Zucchero is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. He is a greedy and reckless gangster who, along with his more level-headed partner Sale, serves as a rival member of Passione against Bucciarati's team and aims to retrieve Polpo's fortune before them. Mario Zucchero wields the Stand known as Soft Machine.

In Japanese, he is voiced by Ryuuzou Ishino in the PS2 game adapatation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind and Shinya Takahashi in the anime. In the latter's dub, he is voiced by Aleks Le.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

If you won't fess up about the name and powers of your stalker friend, then I suppose...we're done. You might want to starty worrying about the well-being of your good eye. Hear what I'm saying, you bobble-headed t--d burglar?
~ Guido Mista interrogating Zucchero, the latter of whom is reduced to a head with a zipped mouth

Zucchero learns about Polpo's fortune from Sale and that it was Bucciarati who was tasked to retrieve it. Deciding to hide in Bucciarati's boat, Zucchero starts attacking his team members one by one by using his Stand, Soft Machine, to deflate them. He manages to capture Narancia, Mista, Fugo and Giorno with said method before Abbacchio manages to find out about his Stand's power with Moody Blues. Abbacchio is eventually attacked by Zucchero before finding out about his location but not before leaving his trail of blood as a clue for Bucciarati. Bucciarati then realizes with Sticky Fingers that Zucchero hid another boat on top of Bucciarati's and was hiding in the tiny space between them. He then manages to sink the other ship, revealing Zucchero's location in the process.

Zucchero tries to kill Abbacchio if Bucciarati were to come any closer but Bucciarati manages to behead him with his Stand, realizing that he is too slow in actual combat. Zucchero is then tortured by Bucciarati's gang for more information: while Narancia, Abbacchio and Fugo keep kicking his torso, Mista hangs his head by using a fish hook to keep his eyelid open and then puts sunglasses on his head which ends up roasting and blinding Zucchero's right eye. Bucciarati then points out that Zucchero is a hardcore gangster and won't leak out any information that easily. Abbacchio's Moody Blues recreates the events caused by Zucchero which shows that he had called his partner Sale hours before and made an appointment with him on Capri. Zucchero is then tied up and left alone on the boat, together with Sale when Mista manages to defeat him later on.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Purple Haze Feedback

Set after the story of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Giorno Giovanna orders Zucchero, Sale, and Pannacotta Fugo to take down the old narcotics team to prove loyalty to the new leader of Passione. Led into a trap by Angelica Attanasio to a warehouse in Villa San Giovanni, Zucchero uses his stand to get inside, but he is caught by Massimo Volpe, which leads to a swift defeat from him. After Sale is killed by Vittorio Cataldi, Massimo drags Zucchero's body to toss him away. Vittorio takes interest in the deflated Zucchero, noting it's similar structure to a plastic sheet and taunting Zucchero of his luck.

After, Zucchero is interrogated by the enemy, which although unable to speak, Massimo manages to read his lips and understand that Fugo is after them as well. Vladimir Kocaqi uses Zucchero as a decoy to keep Sheila E away from her allies. Deducing the foul smell of puke due to Manic Depression's influence, Zucchero tries to pierce her with Soft Machine to no avail. The rain at the time proved useful for a deflated, smelly, and wet Zucchero, hiding in gaps with the existing conditions also hiding his scent. With Zucchero now a mindless drone and Sheila trying to find their possible traitor, Zucchero tries once more to pierce her, again failing. With Sheila using Voodoo Child to echo her voice, Zucchero is trapped within it's mouths. With him being both stretched due to Voodoo Child and falling apart due to Manic Depression, Zucchero's body falls apart due to his rising blood pressure, with his blood pouring out of him en masse and his bones being ground to powder.

Powers and Abilities

Soft Machine

Zucchero's Stand, Soft Machine, is a Stand best suited for sneak-attacks. It has the ability to deflate humans and objects as if they were air balloons by stabbing them with a tiny dagger, incapacitating them in the process. Despite being a Stand that can achieve victory with only one hit, it has a terrible range and is not suited for close-range combat, as Bucciarati found out, as Zucchero himself is too slow and unskilled to pose any real danger head-on.




  • Interestingly enough, Zucchero is one of the few villains in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind to have both first and last name (the other being Risotto Nero and Vinegar Doppio), despite being such a minor threat to Bucciarati's group. This is most likely because his passport is shown and his full name was used by Narancia to determine his name divination (the ninth circle fo Hell).
  • The iconic, fan nicknamed "torture dance", a short dance sequence between Narancia, Mista and Fugo during Zucchero's torture, was originally a throwaway gag by Araki that was only six panels in length in the manga, yet it became incredibly popular among the fans. This brief dance sequence ended up becoming so popular, in fact, that it was included in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven fighting games and the 2018 anime adaptation extended it into a minute long mini music video with new dance moves and trippy visuals, featuring an original song reminiscent to that of Prince's "Pussy Control".


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