Marisol Deering (previously Suarez) is the main protagonist of the Lifetime mystery dramedy show Devious Maids. Even though she has heroic goals, she can go to acts that are "devious" in order to achieve those goals. This doesn't necessarily make her a villain, more of an anti-villain.

Villainous Acts

Season 1

  • Seduced/flirted with Adrian Powell into knowing his relationship with Flora.
  • Played her two employers about the Porn DVDs.
  • Blackmailed fellow maid Rosie Falta into keeping her identity.
  • Secretly eavesdropped on Michael talking to a client.
  • Secretly looked for Flora's pregnancy test.
  • Burning her employer's curtains so that Adrian's friend won't continue propositioning Marisol.

Season 2

  • Lied to her fiancé Nicholas, when in fact she wanted to look into his financial records.
  • Had her devious maid Opal fired.
  • Interrogated Opal and threatened to have her go to the police.
  • Became a hypocrite when wanting to write a book about her scandalous employers.
  • Disguised as Opal into finding out Nicholas' secret.

Season 3

  • She divorced Nicholas even though he turned himself into the police and doing the right thing. She was doing this in her own personal gain. 
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