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You wanna take me on - I'll break you into little pieces, and you know I can!
~ DI Bails threatening Charity Dingle.

Mark Bails is a fictional character and major antagonist of the ITV British soap opera Emmerdale. He first appeared as a minor antagonist in between 2014-2015 and went on to serve as the secondary antagonist in 2018.

In his storyline, Bails is a corrupt senior policeman who had previously victimized Charity Dingle in his illict activities back when she was younger; he forced her into prostitution and went on to repeatedly rape Charity back at the time. At one point Bails got Charity pregnant with their disabled son Ryan Stocks, who soon turned against his father after learning what Bails did to Charity in the past.

He was portrayed by Rocky Marshall.


DI Bails first appeared at Emmerdale in 2014 when he hears that his old acquaintance, Charity Dingle, has been implicated by her ex-husband Declan Macey for insurance fraud and perverting the course of justice. In response, Bails is determined to secure a conviction and have her sent to prison as he believes this outcome to be likely possible. Charity doubts that Bails can prove anything, and tells him that she could lie on the stand that Declan threatened her son so she would provide him with an alibi. Bails then focuses his attentions on Pete Barton. He has photographic evidence of Pete dealing ecstasy and when he accuses Pete of supplying a girl with pills that ended up killing her, Pete is charged with manslaughter. Bails gets Pete's plea hearing postponed and then tells him that if he wants the charges to go away, Pete needs to convince Charity to confess to her involvement in the insurance fraud. Pete eventually tells Charity about Bails' threats. Charity reveals to Pete and her daughter Debbie Dingle that Bails had previously groomed her into sex at the time she was fourteen; when she reported Bails, his wife left him and he lost a promotion - which he blamed on Charity. To his delight, he took revenge on Charity after she confessed her crimes to him and she was later sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty.

Three years later, Bails begins working with Tracey Metcalfe on a police campaign to support sex workers. At that point, Charity was dating Tracy's sister Vanessa and later told her about her past rape ordeal. She later interrupted his public speaking and branded him an abuser by revealing his rape to her in front of Tracey as well as others. Bails was eventually investigated by the police for Charity's ordeal and ends up being found guilty; he is sentenced to 30 years life in prison and is also registered into the sex offenders list for life.



  • Bails is the reason why Charity became who she was and still is to this day.