Mark of the Beast

Mark of the Beast is a villain in the Spawn comics.


A man obsessed with Hell and the occult that liked to be called "Mark of the Beast". Mark was in charge of a squatter's house for a time, where he ruled over his tenants and had them sell drugs for him to earn money. Through extensive research, Mark discovered what he thought would be a sure way to gain power in Hell,he planned to trade places with Al Simmons as the current Hellspawn.

To accomplish this, he began an arcane ritual in which Spawn was drawn to the house and imprisoned. There Mark explained his plans to Spawn, who humored him by giving Mark a tour of his own personal Hell. At the end of the tour, Mark was sent to the top of a tower that would test his resolve with every step.

All long the way, Spawn gave Mark the chance to back out, but Mark pushed on. At the top, Mark returned to reality as he was thrown from the rooftop of his squatters house and was impaled on a fountain sculpture.

Much later, when Spawn returned to Hell to battle Malebolgia he once again encountered Mark. Mark cursed Spawn for tricking him, but did not give up on his quest for power. After the death of Malebolgia, Hell was engulfed in civil war in which Mark led a revolt of damned souls against the demons.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Satanist he would have acess to dark Magic.

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