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Good luck.
~ Marko over the phone to Bryan Mills.

Marko Hoxha is the main antagonist of the 2008 film Taken and the posthumous overarching antagonist in its 2012 sequel Taken 2.

Marko is member of an Albanian human trafficking ring which dedicates to kidnap foreign white women to sell them as sex slaves and prostitutes. When Marko kidnaps Kimberly Mills, however, he unleashes the wrath of her father Bryan, who sets himself to hunt down Marko and rescue his daughter.

He was portrayed by Arben Bajraktaraj, who also played Antonin Dolohov from the Harry Potter film series.


Marko is a member of an Albanian human trafficking ring that abducts women and he is the one who kidnaps Bryan Mills' daughter, Kim. He is also the son of Murad Hoxha, the villain in the 2012 film Taken 2.

Marko is first seen at a party Kim is attending and he is one of the intruders who kidnap her and her friend Amanda. After realizing she has been taken, Bryan gets in touch with Marko and allows him to go free if he leaves Bryan's daughter alone. But Bryan also threatens that if Marko does not let his daughter go, he will find Marko and kill him to which Marko simply replies "good luck" and hangs up.

Bryan is let inside the Albanian's house by feigning to be a corrupt policeman, sent to renew its extortion "contract" with the brothel. He tricks the thugs inside into saying a few words and phrases, and recognizes a voice: Marko, the kidnapper he spoke to on the phone. He wounds Marko and kills the rest. Searching the house, he finds several captive teens, including Amanda, who is dead from an apparent overdose. In the basement of the house, Bryan straps Marko into a makeshift electric chair and tortures him with an electric current until he talks. Kim, being a virgin, is very valuable on the black market, and was sold to an auctioneer named Patrice Saint-Clair. After retrieving this vital information, Bryan leaves the current flowing and leaves the screaming Marko to die a very painful death.



  • It's unknown whether Marko loved his father, given his crimes and ruthless attitude. However, given that Murad was depicted as being okay with his son's occupation, it's possible that Murad was just as ruthless like him or that Marko had a lighter side for his family.
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