Marky is one of the main antagonists of Oggy and Cockroaches. He is gray-bodied, green-headed roach with pink eyes. He is the tallest of the trio and often not really does not care about what his brothers Joey and Dee Dee are doing. He is the middle child.


In earlier episodes, Marky used to be as evil and active as his brothers. However, as the series continues, he has become more laid-back and apathetic, though he still enjoys hanging out with his brothers and causing troubles. This apathy may be caused by his low intelligence and laziness, so he probably can't take the slightest initiative.

Marky loves dating women. When he meets a girl, he immediately became the gentlemen, losing interest for brothers (ironically, that's exactly why he and Dee Dee hated Joey when he dates a bee). He once falls in love with Oggy's doll. He starts living with her in Oggy's dollhouse and they spend much of their time by kissing, much to Oggy's anger. Oggy tries to get his doll back for several times, but unsuccessfully, as enamored Marky always defeats him. Marky and the doll even get married, causing that furious Oggy attacks the house à la King Kong. Unfortunately, the doll then falls down and gets broken. Marky is sad at first, but then starts dating Oggy's toy robot.



  • He is named after Marky Ramone, the longest-lasting drummer (and one of three surviving members) of the punk band Ramones.
  • He is the only cockroach who has different antenna.
  • He loves reading books (in opposite of his brothers).
  • He has bad breath, as revealed in the episode It's a Small World. It is debatable how he can stand it, because he couldn't stand the smell of gas in French Fries. Maybe he is simply resistant from his own smell.
  • According to the episode Mission Oggy, he isn't not as strong as his brothers.
  • From Pakdam Pakdai, Lambu is inspired By him.


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