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We saved their lives when anyone else would've kept walking! We fed them, we kept them warm! And THIS is how they THANK us?! Guns being pulled and MURDER! Well, F-CK THEM!
~ Marlon to the Ericson survivors about Clementine and AJ's "betrayal", wanting to frame them for the murder of Brody, even though Marlon himself accidentally killed her.

Marlon is a main character and an antagonist in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. He was the leader of Ericson's Boarding School and has a pet dog named Rosie. After his secret is discovered, he becomes the main antagonist of the first episode and then the posthumous character in the second episode.

He was voiced by Ray Chase, who also voiced Rhys in Borderlands 3.



Sometime before the outbreak, Marlon has been a student of Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth along with Louis. After the outbreak occurred, all the adults fled leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Marlon then assumes the position as leader of the group and takes care of the headmaster's dog, Rosie.

Once when Marlon, Brody and the twins Minerva and Sophie was scavenging outside the school's safe-zone, they came in contact with raiders, who were lead by Lilly. In exchange for protection, Marlon handed over Sophie and Minne to Lilly, who would turn the twins into soldiers, to fight against another community. Marlon and Brody then lied to everyone and told that the twins were killed by walkers.

Arrival of Clementine and AJ

A years later, Marlon's group rescued Clementine and Alvin Jr. after their car crashed nearby.

Shortly after Clementine and AJ come across a man named Abel, Brody is sent into a panic and Marlon tries to talk some sense into her in a private place.

Betrayal and Death

That night, Clementine heard noises coming from the basement and went down there to see Marlon arguing with Brody, who started to tell Clementine about what happened to Tenn's sisters causing Marlon to hit her head with a flashlight, before running out of the basement and locking Clementine inside.

However, he is held at gunpoint by AJ, who demanded to know what happened to Clementine. Shortly after a intense struggle with Clementine, and after his wrongdoings were exposed to the group after much convincing, as Marlon peacefully surrendered, he was then suddenly shot in the back of the head and killed by AJ, much to everyone's shock and horror.


  • Marlon is the first kid antagonist of Season 4.


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