Marlon the Gator

You can hide, but you can't HIDE!!
~ Marlon to Tiana and Naveen.

Marlon the Gator is a minor antagonist of the 2009 Disney film The Princess and the Frog. He is a sadistic alligator who lives in the Louisana Bayou.

He was voiced by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.


Due to a curse invoked by Dr. Facilier and the Friends on the Other Side, Prince Naveen and Tiana were turned into frogs. As they end up flying on three balloons towards the bayou, the balloons pop up thanks to some tree branches, sending both Naveen and Tiana to fall into the bayou.

After bring chased off by a fish and a heron, Tiana and Naveen end up taking refuge on a log in the water. However, they are horrified to learn that they're being surrounded by Marlon and several alligators and that they're actually standing on the back of their leader Ian.

Revealing himself to the frogs, Ian sadistically plans to eat Naveen while letting Marlon and the other alligators take Tiana. However, both Tiana and Naveen manage to escape being eaten by hiding inside an empty tree log where the alligators can't get through.

Seeing this, Marlon mocks the frogs by saying that they cannot hide in the log forever and that he and the alligators can spend all night for the frogs to come out, but by the time morning comes, Marlon and the other alligators finally give up and leave the frogs alone, knowing that they are not worth the trouble.


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