Drown in the heart-lorn world of nothingness. I shall scatter your heart into the empty winds.
~ Marluxia
As lightless oblivion devours you, drown in the ever-blooming darkness!
~ Marluxia
Imbeciles... You would knowingly shackle your heart with a chain of memories born of lies? You would be one who has a heart, yet cast aside your heart's freedom? You turn from the truth because your heart is weak -- You will never defeat me!
~ Marluxia before fighting Sora.

Marluxia is a member of the original Organization XIII and a major antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise. He wields a scythe and the power of flowers, which represent death as opposed to how they represent Cure magic in the games for all the other characters. Marluxia, along with Larxene, another Organization XIII member, schemes to overthrow Xemnas, with the help of Sora, so they can become the leaders.

In the original Japanese version, he was voiced by Shuichi Ikeda. In the English dub, he was voiced by Keith Ferguson, who also voices Flintheart Glomgold in the DuckTales reboot series.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Lauriam, Marluxia's original self, was a Keyblade wielder seemingly chosen by Master Ava to lead the Dandelions during the First Keyblade War. He was one of the five leaders, alongside Ventus, Brain, Ephemer, and Skuld. He appeared shortly after an unknown person murdered his sister Strelitzia, a Keyblade Wielder also chosen by Master Ava to lead the Dandelions, stole her book, and took her place amongst the leaders. Looking for answers behind Strelitzia's death, Lauriam seeks the aid of fellow Keyblade wielder Elrena.

Before Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

At an unknown point in time, Lauriam succumbed to darkness, turning his heart into a Heartless. However, his will was so strong it left behind a Nobody, who was recruited into the Organization by Xigbar and Xaldin.

358/2 Days

Marluxia appears as a playable character in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and teaches Roxas a few things about fighting.

Chain of Memories

After the events of the first game, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are wandering a long road. In the middle of the night, a hooded Marluxia appears and leads them to Castle Oblivion. Once inside, he takes all of their memories, and puts them into cards, weakening the party. He then teaches them how to use the cards, and then leaves after giving them a card that allows then to revisit a world from their memories.

As the game goes on, it is discovered that Marluxia has gotten fellow members of the Organization Axel and Larxene to help him conspire against the leader of the Organization, Xemnas. To do this, he wishes to use Naminé to twist Sora's memories, turning him into a slave of the Organization, so that the power of the Keyblade could be theirs. However, Vexen is killed by Axel after his defeat against Sora to prevent him of revealing their plans, Larxene is killed by Sora, Goofy and Donald, and Axel betrays him, leaving him the last person in the conspiracy.

Sora makes it up to the floor with Naminé, and after a short talk Marluxia reveals himself, and demands that Naminé use her powers to crush Sora's heart, but Naminé refuses, and Marluxia cfights Szora. Sora is able to overpower him, but he then reappears and reveals that the Marluxia he fought was an illusion and flees into the highest room in the Castle, awaiting Sora with a reaper machine to help him fight. After that he fights Sora with an angel-like Nobody, which is the ultimate proof of his powers. In the end, Marluxia still falls at Sora's hands.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Marluxia's spirit remains as a special kind of Nobody, called an Absent Silhouette, and manifests itself inside the Beast's Castle in the Beast's room after Sora convinces the Beast to take back Belle and the rose from Xaldin. If Sora chooses to investigate the Silhouette, Marluxia reappears and engages Sora in a hectic rematch, but is defeated. A data replica of Marluxia also appears in the Cavern of Remembrance.

Kingdom Hearts III

Marluxia returns in Kingdom Hearts III as part of the real Organization, despite his attempts of overthrowing the original. His eyes are now golden, therefore implying that he has become a vessel of Xehanort. He first appears in Corona, offering to help Gothel find Rapunzel. Later, he appears to Sora and reintroduces himself, and comments on their past encounter, even though Sora has no memory of it. He then claims that the Organization seeks to compliment the light, and that Rapunzel is the light of Corona. Later, he kidnaps Flynn, then ties him to a boat with Rapunzel's crown in matter that made it look like he was abadoning her. He then confronts the Princess and claims that Flynn has robbed her. Rapunzel doesn't believe him and runs, only to encounter Gothel who dispatches Marluxia's nobodies. Rapunzel, now starting to believe Marluxia's lies, returns to Gothel, in tears. Marluxia then confronts Sora and reveals that Gothel keeps Rapunzel prisoner, and that this serves Xehanort's goals by "preserving" her, because she is one of the seven new Princesses of Heart. Sora tries attacking Marluxia, but he knocks Sora out. Later, after Gothal disentigrates, Marluxia transforms her remains into a heartless


Well, there you have it. Welcome to the fold, Roxas. We'll set out once you're ready.
~ Marluxia talking to Roxas for his paired mission with him.
Roxas, was it? I never properly introduced myself. I am Marluxia, Number XI.
~ Marluxia introducing himself to Roxas.
Lucky Number XIII... At last, a chosen wielder of the Keyblade amongst our ranks.
~ Marluxia talking about Roxas.
Hmph. Nothing to be feared. So, Roxas, shall we put that power of yours to a little test? Use your Keyblade... and defeat those Heartless.
~ Marluxia telling Roxas to defeat some Heartless.
Dark creatures who roam about, searching for hearts. They come in two larger varieties. The ones you just defeated are known as Purebloods. Purebloods don't release any hearts when you defeat them. In other words, don't bother with them. Your mission is to collect hearts, after all. The other variety--
~ Marluxia explaining the Heartless to Roxas.
None. So long as the Heartless are felled by your weapon, the Keyblade, the hearts will be captured.
~ Marluxia talking about the Keyblade and hearts.
They will gather as one, and create an almighty force known as Kingdom Hearts.
~ Marluxia talking about Kingdom Hearts to Roxas.
The rest of us can defeat Heartless, but we have no way of collecting the hearts they release. Eventually, the hearts will turn right back into Heartless. You see, then, how special you are?
~ Marluxia talking about how "special" Roxas is.
That Keyblade... The things that could be done with that sort of power...
~ Marluxia after looking at Roxas' Keyblade.
Shall we RTC, then?
~ Marluxia after completing the mission.
The Keyblade wielder's power... How fascinating.
~ Marluxia talking to Roxas at Day 10.
If only we'd met sooner, Roxas... You would have made a fine addition.
~ Marluxia talking to Roxas on Day 15.
In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. That is the way in Castle Oblivion.
~ Marluxia upon the start of Sora's Story.
Here you will meet people you have known in the past, and you will meet people you miss.
~ Marluxia
If what you want is to find him...
~ Marluxia about Riku.
I merely sampled your memories, and from them... I made this. To reunite with those you hold dear...
~ Marluxia, before giving Sora his first cards.
Vexen, the simple fact is that your project was a failure. You'd best not disappoint us again.
~ Marluxia talking to Vexen.
I've been entrusted this castle and Naminé by our leader. Defying me will be seen as treason against the Organization.
~ Marluxia threatening Vexen by reminding him of the position Xemnas granted him.
You have some nerve to show your treasonous face around here. Some nerve indeed.
~ Marluxia talking to Axel.
Why let Naminé go? If it weren't for your needless meddling, we could have turned the Keyblade master to come and serve us.
~ Marluxia talking to Axel about Naminé.
Since when were you suspicious of us?
~ Marluxia talking to Axel.
So you only eliminated Vexen to obtain proof of our plan?
~ Marluxia discovering why Axel wanted to join his conspiracy.
Are you listening, Sora? Axel says he's willing to harm Naminé to get me. You won't let that happen, will you?
~ Marluxia manipulating Sora to fight Axel.
You've defeated Axel. The Keyblade's power-- how I've longed to make it my own.
~ Marluxia upon entering the final room in Castle Oblivion.
You've no chance of winning. Naminé... Erase Sora's memory.
~ Marluxia ordering Naminé to erase Sora's memories.
I'd rather prefer him unmarred, but he can be rebuilt-- to my liking with time. Naminé, do it.
~ Marluxia talking about Sora and forcing Naminé to wipe Sora's memories.
Your heart will be scattered!
~ Marluxia when activating his Limit Break.
Sink into the darkness!
~ Marluxia when activating his Final Limit.
Hmph! So you are a hero!
~ Marluxia when defeated.
Your hopes are doomed to the darkness!
~ Marluxia, upon being defeated.
So this... This is the heart of a hero!
~ Marluxia, when defeated.





  • Marluxia was originally planned to be female, but the idea was scrapped to avoid the implications of two women trying to overthrow a male-dominated Organization.
  • In supplemental material such as the KH Ultimania guides, it is stated that Marluxia is the third most powerful member in Organization XIII (surpassed only by Roxas at his full power and Xemnas). 
  • All musical pieces used during the battles against Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Re:Chain of Memories are named after his overall concept:
    • The first piece, "Graceful Assassin", is also his title.
    • The second piece, "Scythe of Petals", alludes to his weapon.
    • Finally the third piece, "Lord of the Castle," refers to his status in Castle Oblivion.
  • In the English version, Marluxia is voiced by Keith Ferguson, who also voices Bloo from Foster's Home for imaginary Friends and Gabriel Reyes/Reaper in Overwatch. In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Tatsuya Kando in the original version of Chain of Memories, and by Shuichi Ikeda in Re:Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, and II Final Mix.
  • The location of Marluxia's Absent Silhouette is eerily fitting for him, as the Beast's Room also contains his rose. The rose's curse represents how long it takes for the Beast to slowly lose his humanity, and by the time all of the rose's petals fall, the Beast's humanity will be effectively dead. Considering Marluxia's attribute being flowers, the location is almost appropriate.
  • Before Re:Chain of Memories (which had extensive voice acting), many English-speaking fans assumed Marluxia's name was pronounced "mar-lux-ia" rather than "mar-loo-sha".
  • In the Monsters, Inc. trailer, Marluxia's eyes were shown to be their original blue, contradicting his claims to be in the real Organization. However, the Japanese version of the Frozen trailer reveals that his eyes are indeed golden.


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