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Marmo is one of the members of the Selfish Trio and the only woman in the group (since Lust died before the events of the series, and until Regina appeared). She first appears in episode 1.

She is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in the Japanese version, and by Carrie Keranen in the English version.


As she first appears in the first episode she apparently helps her partner by summoning a Jikochuu like Ira. She also has bat wing-like objects behind her ears like the rest of the Selfish Agents.

Cutie Madame

She wear red glasses-like, which would prevent people from guessing who it was, but however Cure Diamond knew who it was. She had a long dress, which would open about halfway to her legs, she had black legs, and red arms. She carried a fan, which would be used for an attack. She had the same hair, and bat wings behind her ears, however the large bat wings, only appeared on her introductory pose.


Marmo, like the other members of the Selfish Trio, haves a power to turn people's selfish thoughts to monsters called Jikochū. She can also create a purple whip to chain and bind her enemies.

As Cutie Madame, she had attacks, but none of them were named.

  • One of them, was as she used her fan to blow wind, at enemies. This made the enemies, stay put as they were dealing with the wind.
  • The second one was as a flame beam, which she used her finger, and produced flame. This made the enemies back off, and could hurt them.



  • Her eye and hair color are the same as Ira's.
  • Her voice actress shares the same surname "Tanaka" with Ira's voice actress.
  • She seems to wear winter clothes everytime she appears.
  • Her name is possibly based Mammon, one of the seven princes of hell, representing greed.
  • Her eyes appear to be like a snake's eye.
  • She is the only selfish member who met Princess Marie Ange.
  • She is the villain who uses whip as a weapon after Falsetto.