The Marmosets are minor antagonists in Blue Sky's 6th animated film, Rio. They are Nigel's henchmen who are led by Mauro.

The marmosets also appeared in Angry Birds Rio.


The Marmosets are mischievous and they like shiny objects. They are also smart, knowing how to use phones and use jewelry for other uses. Nigel is the reason why the marmosets were antagonists which means that they were forced to be enemies to Blu and Jewel.


Almost all marmosets are gray and they colored with white heads with stripes on their tails and white ears.

The only marmoset who is not gray is Mauro (the leader of the marmosets) as he happens to be brown.

Role in the film

The Marmosets first appeared when they stole several items from tourists without ever being caught. It was at that moment Nigel (being sent in by Marcel) asks Mauro and his gang to search for two rare blue Macaws (Blu and Jewel). Mauro demands to know what he and his gang will get in return, to which Nigel responded by flying Mauro into a great height and making him fall, forcing him to oblige to the deal in exchange for saving his life.

Mauro and the marmosets eventually track down the two birds to a bird dancing club, so he decides to take them hostage. However, the other birds engage into a fight against the marmosets and Mauro ends up being immobilized when Jewel uses her chain to smack him in the groin, allowing herself and Blue to escape. Upon hearing of this, an annoyed Nigel beats up Mauro before deciding to do the job himself.

During the credits following Nigel' defeat, Mauro spotted Nigel (who's been plucked of his feathers after crashing into a plane propeller) and laughs at him while using a camera to take pictures as revenge for the treatment Nigel gave to him and the marmosets earlier.


  • Mauro is the only marmoset in Rio that can talk.


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