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The Married Couple are the final bosses of the videogame Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert.


As the title suggests, the married couple appears as one. They both appear to have the same eye, hair and skin colors. The wife appears to be in a wedding dress, while the husband appears to be in a suit. The wife releases pink/red damaging hearts, while the husband releases blue damaging hearts.


The married couple appears only in the last level. Once the Silly Sausage gets to the last level, a little animation will play of the couple standing on a cake of three levels, laughing together.

As the first slice of the cake pops and becomes slightly softer. The Silly Sausage then gets a bomb in front of him. He actually has to bring the bomb in the middle of the cake while the couple releases hearts that does damage to Silly Sausage.

Once the Silly Sausage brought in the bomb, the cake would of explode, and the couple would stay on two levels. Silly Sausage has to do the same exact thing as he done the first time.

Eventually, the married couple would get to only one level of the cake, which pops into hard cookies. At the same time, the couple releases a huge red heart, that would follow the Silly Sausage, trying to defeat him, while they release hearts out of them.

Silly Sausage has to destroy the cookies with the bombs that spawn. Once the Silly Sausage destroyed the cookies, an animation will play of the real couple having a wedding. As the Silly Sausage would of get out of their cake happily ending the game.


  • The final level of the game is level 50.
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