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Mars is the supporting antagonist of the The Hills Have Eyes film series, as well as it's remakes.

He was portrayed by Lance Gordon.


The Hills Have Eyes

Mars is one of the sons of Papa Jupiter and Mama. He is also the brother of Pluto, Mercury, and Ruby. The family lives in the hills, where they are waiting and praying on their next victims, both including humans and animals. They survive by stealing victims items, and eating on their flesh.

Mars appears later in the film, along with Pluto, both of them sneak inside the Carter Families trailer, and Mars ended up raping Brenda, one of the Carter family member. When other family members return, Mars ends up shooting both of them, and Pluto ends up abducing the baby known as Katy, and the two run away, to eat the little baby.

Mars and Pluto got back to their home, with their baby. Except their third brother, Mercury ends up dying after the dog of the Carters family pushed him off the cliff. The father Papa Jupiter gets furious and makes his expedition with his remaining sons to attack the alive Carter members for revenge. Ultimately, Both Mars and Papa John died in the film, only Pluto surviving of the three.


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