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Doug is my insurance, he stays with me. You don't give me Chow, I blow his brains out. You go to the cops, I blow his brains out. You have three days. Get to work.
~ Marshall kidnapping Doug.

Marshall is the main antagonist of The Hangover trilogy, as the unseen overarching antagonist of The Hangover and the main antagonist of The Hangover Part III.

He was portrayed by John Goodman who also played Ocious P. Potter, Big Dan Teague, Chuck Long, Layton T. Montgomery, Bones Darley, Howard Stambler, and George Wolfsbottom.

In The Movie

Going Out Killing Chow

Marshall is a mob leader and he is after Leslie Chow because he stole $21 million worth of gold from him during a $42 million heist from an illegal investment from a sheik from Abu Dhabi.

Kidnapping Doug

Marshall finds out that Alan was communicating with Chow when he was imprisoned. He then sends his Head of Security, Black Doug, to find Alan and the rest of the Wolfpack. Marshall and his henchmen then ram the Wolfpack off the road and kidnap them. He then tells them that Chow has escaped from prison, and he takes Doug as insurance until Phil, Stu, and Alan can find Chow in three days.

Marshall then bails Phil, Stu, and Alan out of jail after finding out they have been tricked and the Mexican villa they robbed actually belonged to Marshall. He excoriates them for destroying much of his property and killing his dogs, though he ultimately gives them a pass in the case of the latter when he realizes that they had only thought that they had simply tranquilized them and had no way of knowing that Chow had killed them all on his way out of the villa by snapping their necks. Marshall then kills Black Doug for being incompetent and gives the trio two-day deadline.


After receiving the gold, Marshall then shoots the trunk where he thinks Chow is, but turns out that Chow isn't in there. As Marshall and the rest of his henchmen are about to kill the Wolfpack, they are shot and killed by Chow.


He is a multibillionaire who has a short temper and is very spoiled. He takes robbery very seriously and can even get violent when he feels like it. He even threatened to kill Doug and the gang if they fail. He is shown to be argumentative, short-tempered, quarrelsome, impatient, and even sadistic when he has been wronged. Like almost any other villain, he is very acquisitive, obnoxious, and selfish, so he doesn't care about his actions (as was shown when he shot the other Doug). However, his anger at Chow can't be blamed since Chow is considerably the Bigger Bad, being not just as greedy as Marshall, but also psychotic and mentally insane.

However, it is shown that he can be reasonable at certain times, despite his bad temper. Although he initially rages at the Wolfpack over the deaths of his beloved guard dogs, for example, he remembers that Chow had killed them without their knowledge and that they had had no part in it whatsoever (as they thought that they had simply tranquilized them), so he calms down enormously.

He qualifies as honorable because he was willing to keep his end of the bargain and let Doug go if they got Chow (which they did). He did let Doug go and only reneged when he thought they screwed him over (though Alan did by letting Chow go beforehand).


You have no idea the chain of events that were set in motion that night. In the parking lot of a f**kin' liquor store.
~ Marshall
You're not here because of that. You're here because some China man I never heard of strolls into my town and takes one of my guys off the street!
~ Marshall
A few weeks after your bulls**t, I get word this sheik is coming in from Abu Dhabi. He was looking to make some less than legal investments. He brought his two wives and $42 million in gold bars. It was a lay up. We took it all. Two vans, each with 21 million in gold. My guys split up. One of them made it back... One of them didn't.
~ Marshall
Leslie Chow stole $21 million from me. On a Tuesday.
~ Marshall about Leslie Chow.
Leslie Chow never lived here. You did not break into his old house, you broke into my house. You didn't get back the gold he stole from me, you got the other half that he didn't!
~ Marshall about Leslie Chow.
(sarcastically) Thank you so much! Thank you for ripping me off! Thank you for desecrating my home! And thank you for killing my f**kin' dogs!
~ Marshall
My head of security... couldn't stop three fuck-ups and a Chinaman with a pair of wire cutters. Unreal.
~ Marshall after killing Black Doug
Take the limo, Hector has the keys. And get going. I'm killing Doug today.
~ Marshall
I'm on my way. There's a spot just outside of town, I'll text you the details. Be there at 6 a.m., and make sure the little fucker is tied up.
~ Marshall
I don't give a f**k what you were hopin'. The deal is you bring Chow to me. 6 AM, or your friend is dead.
~ Marshall
Leslie Chow is madness, you don't talk to madness. If you're lucky, you trap it in the trunk of your limo and you kill it. You did a great thing tonight, you should feel good about this.
~ Marshall who seeks to kill Leslie Chow.
You think this is a f**king game?
~ Marshall's last words.