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Marshie is a recurring antagonist in the Homestar Runner franchise. He is the abusive and creepy mascot for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows.


Marshie became the mascot of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows after Homestar Runner quit doing the commercials. Marshie has created a hostile working environment and likes being creepy. Marshie is also known for having a bite chunk out of his head, and he wants to regrow the part of his head to be immortal. He also appeared in the Cheat Commandos-Os commercial as Serg-g-gent Marshie, promoting the cereal and annoying Gunhaver.


Gel-arshie decides to help Strong Bad defeat Trogdor. He can find stuff that is red and make the background red to help Strong Bad see the hidden objects.


Marshie likes scaring people, and wants to stalk people after they come from school. In an outtake for the Malloween Commercial, he also noted a desire to shoot at children.


  • Marshie is a parody of several junk food mascots.


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