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Villain Overview

I know you're hurtin' little devil. I promise that I can make the pain go real quick. Just come let Mama Martha put a bullet in your pretty little skull!
~ Martha hunting Blitzo.

Martha is the main antagonist of the first episode "Murder Family" in the first season of Helluva Boss. While seen as a lovely wife by the public, she and her family are actually homicidal maniacs who kill others.

She was voiced by Jinkx Monsoon.


At first, Martha was shown to be a dishonest suck-up, who willingly engaged in sex with a married man and after surviving the assault from his wife, used false sympathy for her to gain money and a glamorous reputation in the world of the living. This lead to her practically stealing Mayberry's life and enjoying a prosperous and indulgent life with her husband and two children.

If that wasn't bad enough, Martha and her family turned out to be even more twisted. As it is revealed that they were all barbaric, sadistic killers and cannibals, who hid under the cover of a loving and innocent family. After Blitzo attempted and failed to kill her, Martha and her husband quickly showed their true nature and attempted to kill Blitzo and Millie, while their children would keep Moxxie as a toy/critter for them to "play with" or in other words torture. Its unknown whether she was the one responsible for her family becoming so depraved, or if they were all just monsters all along. Regardless, Martha's reveal proved Moxxie to never assume the sweetness and supposed innocence of humans.


She is first seen (although off-screen) in a flashback where Mrs. Mayberry uses her computer to video call her husband, only to find him with Martha in bed. Mayberry goes home and kills her husband, tries to kill Martha, then ultimately kills herself when she realizes what she's done and traumatized her students. Unfortunately, Martha survived the attack and became a hero because of the incident, she received two million dollars and appeared on talk shows.

Mayberry hires I.M.P. to go to the living world and kill Martha. Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie arrived at a Lakeside home where Martha lives and sees her with the target's family having dinner. Moxxie asks Blitzo about what they're doing and knocks the rifle, causing Blitzo to miss, the family hears the gunshot and arms themselves that were stashed under the dinner table. While Blitzo and Moxxie flee from the house, the family chases after them, with Martha going after Blitzo and the children going after Moxxie.

After knocked out by the children, Moxxie wakes up and tied to a chair and sees the room of taxidermied of pieces human remains and skin on the walls, along with a roasted human on the table, revealing the family to be cannibals. Martha chases Blitzo through the forest and captures him after he gets a phone call from Stolas. Later, after the husband Ralphie defeats Millie in a brief fight, she and Blitzo are tied up to a stake and attempts to burn them alive to return them to Hell. However, both of them are immune to fire and mocks Martha and Ralphie's efforts. Before Martha can kill both Blitzo and Millie, she shot in the back of the head by Moxxie, killing her in the process and Ralphie fleeing from the scene and back to the house with his children, where they are seemingly killed by the police.


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