The Martian Termites are the titular antagonists from the Woody Woodpecker Show episode Termites From Mars. They appear as tiny, green-skinned humanoids with saw-like mouths, bent on devouring everything on their path.


An astronomer spots a huge spaceship fleet leaving Mars and coming to Earth, calling the authorities who immediately alert the populace about the imminent Martian invasion.

Woody is watching TV when the programs, unaware of Martian Termites heading towards Earth. The TV program Woody was watching is interrupted by a panicked newscaster who alerts about the invasion, showing the Martian fleet approaching the forest where Woody's home is located and revealing they are actually termites. Woody locks himself but as he peeks outside one of the spaceships lands on his beak and an army of termites get out of it, and one of them biting Woody's beak. Soon the larger termite swarms arrive and proceed to devour all the furniture and households on Woody's home, who tries to fight them in vain (normally Woody outwits his opponents but in this episode he is simply overwhelmed): termites devour everything way faster than Woody can defend them. One of the termites shoots Woody with a laser gun, slowing him down and reducing him to just his drawing contour. After throwing Woody out, termites destroy Woody's vacant home and the tree where it was falls down, but Woody sees one of the termites getting trapped after trying to eat an adhesive tape, so he gets the idea of using the tape to stop them. The idea works as Woody covers the entire forest on the tape and captures all termites.

Woody then becomes president of a termite control company, selling the captured termites in the form of many household appliances such as can openers and mouse traps. The day is saved and the battle is won.


  • When Martian termites eat they have to take their helmets off.
  • This is the first short in the series where, at the end of the short, Woody and the other characters laugh.
  • This is one of few episode where Woody is on the defensive against his opponents.
  • These Termites also appears in the episode Stage Hoax, but with a much smaller role.


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