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Martin Borhulth is a minor antagonist in the first season of the 2009 Johan Falk TV show based on the 1999 Swedish Johan Falk film series. only appearing in the first two episodes. He was a henchman of Seth Rydell, and even if he is a minor role, he was a close friend to Frank Wagner, the secondary protagonist.

He was portrayed by Martin Wallström, who also portrayed Tyrell Wellick in Mr. Robot


Martin was a criminal and henchman of Seth Rydell and a friend of Frank Wagner.

When Rydell's and Popov's gang is about to free the serbian war criminal Milo Komazec, Frank had removed the spark plug from their heaviest weapon: a MGL.

Martin realized that Frank had sabotaged the prisonbreak and confronted him, but Frank quickly shot him in the stomach. While Martin is slowly dying, Frank makes him take the blame for the sabotage. This makes Seth so frustrated that he shots Martin dead.

Later, the Rydell's gang burns down Martin's corpse along with the van they used for the prisonbreak. While Seth and the others don't care, Frank is feeling extremely guilty and remorseful.


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