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We had such plans for this world. Our earth so mercifully cleansed by the meteor they named Apophis. We had such plans... All thwarted by one man. Nicholas Raine. With the push of a button, our future ended. The Arks emerged... the EcoPods came tumbling down... all premature... Pouring life back into the barren lands. Starting the cycle of life anew, as we had planned to do with our own species. Our plans were thwarted by the naive and arrogant masses. The cleansing of our weakened species was hindered. Our aid, selfishly refused, they chose their own pitiful existence over the future of the breed. Such hubris. They thought us defeated. We let them believe us defeated. But we moved underground. We watched their petty squabbles, their meaningless turf wars, their childish attempts at order from chaos... And we grew strong. Our science, our expertise. All aligned. All with one sole purpose. The surgical culling of the weak. Man reborn! We tear down their defenses. We take their compounds! We take the Arks. We raze their settlements and townships to the ground. Tonight marks the beginning of the cleansing. Tonight marks the rebirth of the Authority!
~ Cross' full speech to his army.

General Martin Cross, also known as the Visionary, is the main antagonist of the RAGE video game series. He serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of RAGE, and the main antagonist of RAGE 2.

He is voiced by Josh Petersdorf.


General Cross is the leader of the Authority, who wants to control the Wastelands and built a new world order in his own image and will do anything to ensure this even if it means genocide. Most people in the land fear him and his forces, as he deals strict punishments for standing against his rule. He also has a base known as Capital Prime.

A survivor of the 99942 Apophis disaster, Martin survived it by hiding inside a "Super Ark", leaving the other civilians to perish. He then returns in 2105, where he and James Cassey set their plan to rebuild the land. However, Cassey's men called Cross mad, and Marshall himself said he deserved to die in the Apophis impact.

In RAGE 2, Cross was eventually killed by Walker with a nanotrite virus to prevent him from cloning himself repeatedly to cheat death.


For old times, Erwina... After all, your uselessness is what once spared my life.
~ Cross as he kills Erwina.
Ah, Erwina Prowley's pointless protégé... Slaying her as I did was... unrewarding. I shall take my time with you. Savor every last moment of your pain.
~ Cross confronting Walker.
Cross: I have been more than patient with you, Mr. Clayton. If you cannot deliver Wellspring to me, then I will have to take it by force.
Clayton: Hey, HEY! We have a deal, Cross! Let me remind you! That I will you let you in as soon as I take the mayor's seat!
Cross: Oh, your little dream of becoming mayor... I appreciate your dedication, Mr. Clayton. But let me assure you, that was never going to happen.
Clayton: You made me a promise! You lied to me! To Klegg Clayton you lied!
Cross: I would have preferred to take Wellspring quietly, but blood and thunder will have to do.
Cross: Aim away from his face. I want to preserve his cadaver as a memento.
~ Cross as he orders his mutants to kill Clayton.
The nanorite virus... To think Doctor Kvasir sent you to administer it, knowing that it would surely kill you too... So we journey to the afterlife together, pointless protégé...
~ Cross' last words before his demise.