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Marvel Zombies refers to not just an organization of evil-doers but the populace of an entire alternate reality filled with zombified versions of both heroes and villains from the mainstream Marvel universe, the series became infamous due to its dark twists and the way it warped popular characters into gruesome killing machines - it also contains events and scenarios that would be considered completely at odds with the "real" Marvel universe. Marvel Zombies is also notable for having a crossover with the Evil Dead in which not just one but two Ash Williams arrived to take out the zombies, the first being a fake and the real one arriving shortly after - this is possibly the first time Ash has been seen in the Marvel universe (albeit an altered version of it). As stated above many heroes and villains were zombified and those who weren't were killed in very violent ways, making this a dystopia akin to realities such as "Age of Apocalypse" and "Future Imperfect".

Zombified Heroes

Zombified Villains

Other Villains

Deceased Characters

  • Galactus (was devoured by the zombies when he came to that world, they absorbed his power to prevent their reality's destruction - this version of Galactus was presumably weaker than our own as he was overpowered by the zombies, the mainstream Galactus would likely of not been so easily defeated)
  • Magneto (was devoured for his resistance)
  • Silver Surfer (initially because the zombies were hungry, but after killing many of their friends, was devoured for ironic revenge [the ironic part was his devourers killed the rest anyway])

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