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This has been happening to me all of my life! My entire fucking life! I've already tried to save you when you were young, but I failed. Your predicament is inevitable. I should've realized that from the start. There's nothing else I can do for you, but bide you time. And for John? I had him removed from the equation. He was working for them, trying to get to me like the rest. It's all a clever fucking facade, just like Robert. Did you really think that those ashes were Milo's? You gullible fucker. Those ashes were from his dead cat. His body disappeared, just like all the others do. They get taken. I know this, and I know a lot of things.
~ Mary to Noah Maxwell.

Mary Asher also known as Cursor of The Collective, is the aunt of Noah Maxwell, the mother of Milo Asher (Mr. Scars), and villainess and secondary antagonist of the YouTube horror series, TribeTwelve.


Mary had mental problems since she was a child, claiming that she could see a tall man that she called Mr. Slim.

As Cursor

Cursor appears on the video HAPPYBIRTHDAY, along with other members of The Collective,  during the video Obituary. Cursor was revealed to be Mary Asher, after Noah read the newspaper.

She had been found dead in the passenger seat of a car in the middle of retention pond in Huntsville, with a gunshot wound in the abdomen and tape covering her eyes.


  • Cursor is the only female member of The Collective.
  • Cursor was a member of The .
  • Cursor/Mary Asher is widely regarded as one of the most hated, despicable characters in the slenderverse alongside HABIT and Connor.
  • Cursor/Mary Asher is also one of the most evil slenderverse villains alongside The Observer, HABIT, Connor, & Deadhead/Henka Visae,Showtime Killer,

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