Senator Spinkle

Senator Mary Ellen Spinkle

I am a United States senator!
~ Senator Mary Ellen Spinkle

Senator Mary Ellen Spinkle is an U.S. Senator and the main antagonist among the three main villains of the 2003 romantic comedy movie Marci X.

She was portrayed by Christine Baranski, who played the Grinch's love interest Martha May Whovier in The Grinch.


Mary Ellen Spinkle is a stern United States senator and a recently divorced, Christian single mother who against all forms of obscenity and perversity she believes threatens the American way of life and offends all human beings everywhere. One day, she led a protest that threatens to boycott a company called Feldco owned by Jewish-American billionaire Ben Feld whom she solely blames and even calls him "an American Satan" for profiteering all Dr. S CDs with gratutious lyrics in songs such as "Shoot the Teacher", "I Love You Because I'm High", "Six Grades are Plenty", "It Ain't My Baby Because I Don't Like You" and "The Power in My Pants". Though she disapproves of the music of controversial hip-hop artist Dr. S, she solely blames Ben Feld and wishes to put him out of business.

Later, she entered and attended the MTV Music Awards ceremony with her teenage son Chip whose favorite musicians are Mariah Carey, Cher, and Boys 'R Us. She witnessed Dr. S' new music video "In the Butt" and was shocked and disguisted by it, while her son Chip and everyone else including Dr. S' ex-girlfriend Yolanda Quinones on the other hand, were enjoying the joy with delight and both Marci and her father Ben Feld were ruined.

The next day, a sub-committee hearng has begun and Dr. S was facing trial. Dr. S addresses and states his name (but not his real name except to Marci Feld) which is "Snatchcatcher" or in full "Horndog T***yman p***y Hound Snatchcatcher". Though Dr. S tries to convince her that the who;e thing is a huge misunderstanding, Senator Spinkle refuses to listen.

Later that night at her home, Dr. S' boys disguised as mailmen delivered a package to her which held Dr. S' new CD titled "Play Dirty". She listened to it and became rthymically wild and provocative. This morning before the sentencing, Dr. S and Marci show a cassette tape which has the song from his new CD and bribed Spinkle. It is also revealed that Chip who taped her like his father, was in on it. Spinkle finally changed her mind and finds Dr. S not guilty.

After the trial ended, she is now dating Reverend Al Sharpton.

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