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Alice! Listen to me! Finish the prayer! They must pledge their souls to me, OR YOU WILL NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!
~ Mary Elnor threatening Alice to finish the "Prayer".

Mary Elnor, also known as The Virgin Mary, is the main antagonist of the 2021 film The Unholy.

She was portrayed by Marina Mazepa.


When Mary was alive, she was a worshipper of Satan, whom she sold her soul to for power and eternal life. In doing so, she publicly performed numerous pseudo-sacred miracles on people in her community to deceive them into claiming that she has been chosen by the Virgin Mary as Her vessel to carry on these "divine" blessings. That way she could trick them into pledging their souls to her so she would condemn them into the fiery pits of Hell. Of course, there were many people who weren't keen on her 'miraculous' works and she killed them whenever they opposed her. Eventually, she was caught by her fellow townspeople and she was sentenced to death. As she was tied up and hung on an oak tree, the authorities made her wear a mask to represent her as the mockery of the Blessed Virgin. Once she was burned, a priest chanted an incantation and used a doll to contain her soul. After her death, all of her 'miracles' were revoked and anyone healed by her started to relapse. For years, Mary's spirit stayed inside the doll, waiting for an unfortunate soul to release her so she can still continue on what she had stopped.

Powers and Abilities

  • "Miracle" performance: Mary is capable of healing sick or injured people almost instantly. She healed Father Hagen's damaged lungs, cured Alice's ears and vocal cords, and fixed a disabled boy's legs. However if people stop having faith in her or if she were to be defeated, her "miracles" would go away permanently.
  • Invisibility: Mary is capable of turning invisible at will.
  • Intangibility: Mary is capable of phasing through solid matter.
  • Pyrokinesis: Mary can control and generate fire. She used this ability to light a giant cross on fire, and burn a sacred tree.
  • Deadly touch: Mary hands are capable of burning anything she touches. This can be lethal is she were to touch a person chest.
  • Voice changing: Mary can make her voice angelic or demonic. She used this ability to trick Alice into thinking she was the angelic Virgin Mary.