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Jim Kane : A good whuppin's all the kid really needs.
Mary Kane : You think that, don't you?
Jim Kane : Yeah.
Mary Kane : That's why I'm sending him where you can't get at him.
~ Mary revealing her true nature

Mary Kane is the posthumous main antagonist of 1941 classical movie Citizen Kane. She is Carles Foster Kane's mother and a minor entrepreneur in cooperation with the bank. In exchange for some fortune, she gave her son to the bank.

She was played by the late Agnes Moorehead.



Almost nothing is known about her background, but it is known that she lived in Colorado in the mid-19th century. This lets us know that she is part of one of those families who settled in these parts of the United States in the ore pomeval during the golden rush.


Mary Kane only appears in one scene so we don't know much about her, but she gave her son to the bank in exchange for ore. He's manipulating his son into going away from her. Although her husband wants Charles by his side, she confidently tells him that she is doing the right thing. It all probably marked Charles mentally, which is why he just wanted love his whole life.


Mary Kane is very greedy and manipulative, and above all cold. The desire for ores led her to give up her son, to which she voluntarily and willingly agreed without much thought. In the way she treats her husband, she expresses authority, but the deeper reason she sold her son remains unknown to us, although she very likely did so because of the sheer greed, probably Charles is brash because of her example.


  • Along with Jim W. Gettys, she's the only villain in Citizen Kane, only he has a more significant role in the film.
  • Although she has shown herself to be very evil, his rightful guardian banker Walter Thatcher is clearly truly trying to foreman a relationship with Charles.