Mary Mays

Mary Mays

Mary Mays is an antagonists from "Blood Hungry," episode 1.11 of Criminal Minds.

She was portrayed by Lindsay Crouse, who also played Professor Maggie Walsh on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dr. Joan Allenby on Columbo.


Mary Mays is the mother of cannibalistic spree killer Eddie Mays, who abducted young Wally Brisbane and murdered his grandmother. She came from a wealthy family and regarding her relationship with Eddie, she was immensely controlling and manipulative towards him--calling him three times a day and even ordered him to break up with a girl she disapproved of. Mary's controlling behavior drove Eddie to rebel and party incessantly, which led to a drug-induced psychotic break. She dropped all contact with Eddie after he was institutionalized, feeling that he would disgrace the family name.

Mary feigned innocence when she learned that Eddie had abducted Wally, but it was revealed that she had seen Eddie and known about his crimes when he brought Wally to the Mays home. Instead of calling police, Mary cleaned up after Eddie and removed evidence of his presence, and even hid Wally in a storage shed. After her villainous reveal and Wally's discovery, Mary claimed that her actions were done to protect her son, but she was still (in actuality) protecting herself and the prestigious family name. Mary was later arrested for her crimes.