The MascBots were animatronics and the secondary antagonists during the 2015 Halloween Party on Club Penguin. Gary initially created them as machines designed to encourage celebration however they began exhibiting strange behaviour and terrorizing the island.


The MascBots were originally created for the 10 year anniversary of the game and Gary designed as a form of celebration, however at one point they began acting strangely and eventually started terrorising the island. The MascBots were spread across the island and would move franticly anywhere around the room. The player had to defeat all 8 of them by showing them their penguin counterparts worst fear in order to find out that Herbert corrupted their programming making them turn evil and cause terror and chaos throughout the island in order to create his very own in their image, with the MascBots simply being used to buy him time. However what Herbert didn't take into account was the fact that he made his robot more intelligent than himself and it had betrayed him. The MascBots never appeared in the game again.


  • The closest animatronic to be a MascBot that the player didn't have to defeat was the MeggBot (an animatronic to be created out of one of the moderators), this however arguably doesn't count since the non robotic version of Megg was a moderator and not a mascot.
  • They are an obvious parody of the Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics (which are actually parodies of pizzeria mascots in America). However the MascBots are not possessed animatronics they are simply corrupted in their programming.
  • They are similar to the Test Robots since both were Gary's creations which turned evil, however The Test Robots didn't have to be corrupted by someone else since they simply chose to be evil.



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