Meta Knight: Masher is a real heavyweight.

Tiff: You said it!

~ Tiff and Meta Knight about Masher.

Masher is the strongest demon beast and also one of the few that was not directly ordered by King Dedede in the episode "Monster Management". Instead, Knuckle Joe (as Monster Manager for Nightmare Enterprises) ordered it after ordering several mini-monsters. Kirby, now weak after fighting the mini-monsters, is forced into a fight with this hulking beast. However, Knuckle Joe double-crosses Masher, and together, he and Fighter Kirby overpower it until they finish it off with a Rising Break, destroying it. The monster later reappeared in the episode Masher 2.0 as the similarly-named Masher 2.0.

Masher was once again destroyed for good by the combined efforts of Knuckle Joe and KIrby.

Masher not only has massive physical strength and can swing around its huge flail with ease, but despite its size, it can also fly using the jets hidden at the bottom of its shoes, spinning rapidly to strike the opponent.

It was also an enemy in Kirby's Dream Land 2. Here, Masher is one of the clan with Blade and Butch, and still attacks with its mace. In this perspective, Masher could be seen as an early design of Mace Knight.

Masher is also one of the only monsters that manages to injure Meta Knight (the other being WolfWrath). As Meta Knight leaps to attack Masher, it swings around its giant flail and launches Meta Knight into the cliff.

Physical Appearance


Masher in Kirby's Dreamland 2

Masher's appearance is that of a large robot that looks like a garbage disposal can and has a cross on its chest. Its helmet is cylindrical and has a rectangular visor on it. On top of its helmet is a tall, pointy, golden spike. It has a left shoulder pad and a green cape (both of which were absent in Kirby's Dream Land 2). It also wields a huge flail that it can carry and swing around with ease. Masher is very knight-like in appearance.


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