By the way, I am not human, Detective.
~ The Masked Muscleman, revealing his true nature.

Masked Muscleman is a supporting antagonist in the video game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and Commander Sith's right-hand. As it turns out, he is a robot built by the Commander.


The Masked Muscleman first appeared in the control room of the submarine "Yonoa", which he didn't leave throughout the entire story. There, he was talking to the Commander about their plans.

In the end, he separated the control room from the submarine to get rid of Yomiels body in an act of self-destruction, as said body caused a risk to the Commander's plans.



Like all members of Commander Sith's organisation, the Masked Muscleman has blue skin, even despite not being human. He wears a metallic mask and can take off his head.


Despite being a robot, the Masked Muscleman seems to have a sense of humor, causing many to find the use of technology in Sith's country "just plain off". Furthermore, he apparently has a brutal nature, often causing him making mistakes, using the control panel.

Powers and Abilities

The Masked Muscleman is apparently strong and indestructible due to his steel body. He has control over a gun in the ceiling of the control room, which he uses against Detective Jowd.


Not to worry, sir. I have already taken the next step, sir.
~ The Masked Muscleman
There was only enough fuel onboard to launch us away, Detective. We will run out soon, and that will be our destination, Detective.
~ The Masked Muscleman, after separating the control room
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