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Mason is the leader of the Big Three of Neo Empire Gear and the secondary antagonist of Choudenshi Bioman. He was later upgraded into Neo Mason.

He is portrayed by Hirohisa Sakata, who also played Great Emperor Zero in Kamen Rider Amazon.


After the Biomen were assembled to battle against the Neo Empire Gear, Mason led a team of Mechaclones in an assault on Bio Robo, only to be fought off by the five warriors.

After the Biomen and Shuichi Kageyama found a video tape left by Shuichi's mother Setsuko, revealing his father was Doctor Man, Mason saw the video tape too from a distance and realized Doctor Man was a human. Mason would later tell Farrah and Monster of his discovery and rope them into his plot to overthrow Doctor Man, convincing them that the Gear should be ruled by mechahumans and not a human. Mason seemingly killed Doctor Man and took over the empire, but Doctor Man had anticipated the Big Three's betrayal and eluded them with a body double before reprogramming each of them to be completely loyal to him.

Mason would later be upgraded by Doctor Man into Neo Mason, becoming more powerful and gaining a new set of abilities.

After Bio Hunter Silva arrived on Earth with his mecha Balzion, Doctor Man sought to gain possession of the robot. The Gear managed to capture the mecha, though both Monster and Farrah were lost in the process. Silva then broke in to Neograd using a copy of Prince and went to reclaim Balzion. Mason confronted him and challenged him to a duel, but Silva easily killed him before retaking Balzion and using it to fight the Biomen.


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