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Time to sign off.
~ Mass Media Murderer

The Mass Media Murderer is a recurring antagonist in Family Guy. He is a serial killer who specifically targets members of the press, such as news anchors on account of his hatred for Dan Rather. He first appeared in "The Kiss Seen Around the World" and made his final appearance in "To Love and Die in Dixie", where he was killed.

He was voiced by Seth McFarlane.


In "The Kiss Seen Around the World", the Mass Media Murderer stood on top of Town Hall, holding Hugh Downs (guest voiced by himself) hostage with high-powered a rifle. Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons went to do a report on the incident and took Meg Griffin and Neil Goldman with them to give them first-hand experience with reporting on a dangerous crime scene. The Mass Media Murderer said that the reason he was going to kill Hugh Downs was because he hated Dan Rather for trying to condense an entire day's worth of events into one hour. Hugh Downs insulted Dan Rather as well to get on the Mass Media Murderer's good side and then tricked him with the old "made you look" gag, saying that Dan Rather was down in the audience right now. When the Mass Media Murderer diverted his attention, Hugh Downs slapped the gun out of his hand and ran away, beforetThe news chopper came down and blew the Mass Media Murderer's lucky assassin's hat off. He got mad from this, and shot the chopper, making it spin out of control. The pilot then safely landed the chopper down on the roof of Town Hall, where the Mass Media Murderer approached them with his gun, ready to kill Meg and Neil. When the two panicked, thinking their lives were over, Meg said that she never got to kiss a guy and Neil wooed her over and made her kiss him. Just then, Hugh Downs came back and knocked the Mass Media Murderer off the roof and tackled him on the floor, where the two wrestled for possession of the gun.

In "To Love and Die in Dixie", the Mass Media Murderer robbed a convenience store, while Chris was in it and stole his bike. Chris was taken to the Quahog Police Station to help identify the thief. The Mass Media Murderer was #6 in the police lineup and Chris called him out, to get him arrested. Out of nowhere, Peter Griffin busted into the room, telling the criminals he was looking for Chris Griffin and handed the Mass Media Murderer a photo of him, which included information on his school schedule and his worst fears. The Mass Media Murderer, although getting sent to jail, used this to his advantage to swear revenge on the man who locked him away. Mere days later, the Mass Media Murderer broke out of prison and stated on the news that he was going to kill Chris Griffin. The Griffin Family had to be relocated as part of the witness protection program and they were sent to Bumblescum in the deep south, while the FBI held their original house down. The Mass Media Murderer went to The Griffin House and asked where Chris was but they refused to disclose that information. The Mass Media Murderer tricked them by saying that he was actually looking for his sister, and Meg Griffin and the FBI were fooled to give them her exact whereabouts, which the Mass Media Murderer used to track down Chris. When the Mass Media Murder made it to Bumblescum, he prepared to shoot Chris dead, before he was stopped by Peter and Brian Griffin, who worked as the town sheriffs. Both of them were too incompetent to take him down but thankfully, their stupid antics distracted him long enough for Sam's father to sneak up behind him and shoot him dead with a rifle, officially killing the Mass Media Murderer off the show once and for all.



  • When the Quahog 5 News was alerted about the Mass Media Murderer, he was described as using a "high powered rifle". However, when he first appeared on screen, he was using a pistol. In the scene where he shot down the helicopter, he was suddenly using a rifle and from the very next scene, onwards, his rifle had disappeared and he was back to using his pistol again.
  • The Mass Media Murderer was never referred to by name in his second appearance.


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