Master Anura

Master Anura is a minor villain in Okamiden, sequel of Okami.


Master Anura is an old frog with a frill on his neck and wears an eyepatch.


At the beginning of the fight, Kuni cowards away, forcing Chibiterasu to fight Anura all by himself. Anura fights mostly with his tounge as a whip. When Anura jumps into the air, Chibi uses a Power Slash on his belly button in order to inflict damage on him. This will causes Anura to spit up a stone. Kuni regain his courage and return Kuni will start to move the stones. To prevent Anura from attacking Kuni, Chibi attacks Master Anura. Anura also can summon smaller Toads by singing. After making Anura spit up three of the stones he will be defeated.

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