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Master Core: ABIS, is the transformation of SCR-HD, created when SCR-HD merged with Astral Babylon's artificial black hole/core unit and the energies from the five Arks of the Cosmos. It is the final (and only) boss of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

After SCR-HD completed its objective of bringing the Arks of the Cosmos to Babylon Garden, it became Master Core: ABIS and tried to prevent Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues from stopping the ship's core unit, which was about to create a black hole that would destroy the Earth, but was defeated by the Extreme Gear riders.

ABIS is voiced by Andrew Paul, who also did the voice of Johnson in Yu-Gi-Oh.


Near the end of the game, SCR-HD got to Crimson Tower took the five Ark's of the Cosmos from Wave. Still acting according to the objective given from the Arks of the Cosmos, SCR-HD brought all the Arks of the Cosmos back to Babylon Garden. This transformed Babylon Garden into Astral Babylon and made the core unit of Babylon Garden create a black hole that threatens to consume the planet. In the process, through the Arks of the Cosmos' influence and power, SCH-HD merged with the core unit and transformed into the twisted Master Core: ABIS.

Soon after transforming, Master Core: ABIS was confronted by Sonic, Jet the Hawk, and their respective teams on the Mobious Strip, who had come to disconnect the core unit and stop the black hole from destroying the world. Master Core: ABIS fought back however, and tried to use the Arks of the Cosmos' gravity manipulating abilities against them. Sonic and his allies, however, used this power against Master Core: ABIS and managed to defeat it. After being hit six times by Sonic with Gravity Dive (ironically caused by black holes opened by ABIS), ABIS exploded into nothingness, closing the black hole.


By absorbing the energies from the five Arks of the Cosmos and the core unit of Babylon Garden, Master Core: ABIS is granted powers and abilities far beyond its normal form. Thanks to its connection to the Babylonian's gravity-harnessing technology, Master Core: ABIS can manipulate gravity. allowing it to perform Gravity Drive, but on a much larger scale than most others, and can completely distort gravity in a large radius, resulting in the environment being torn apart through gravity shifts.

Additionally, Master Core: ABIS can form large yellow energy bolts and shoot them at its opponents. It can also create and gather giant blocks of molten rock and throw them like meteors at its opponents, which create large explosions upon impact. It also has the ability to teleport over short distances.


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