Khan (Earth-616)

Master Khan was an enemy of Iron Fist, and as such, his long time partner Power Man. He swore that they would "suffer the torments of the damned."

Khan was an accomplished sorcerer. However, he did not attempt to attack Iron Fist when he was recuperating from injuries at Stephen Strange's Mansion and possibly face the Sorcerer Supreme.

Khan also persuaded Super Skrull to impersonate the child Captain Hero for months. He entranced Super Skrull into believing he was, in fact, Captain Hero. After "Captain Hero" appeared to kill both himself and Iron Fist (actually a H'ylthri imposter), Khan betrayed Super Skrull and returned him to his exile in space orbit.

In a clever ruse, Khan impersonated New York Police detective Tyrone King and had a physical relationship with Iron Fist's romantic interest Misty Knight.

When Khan determined that Namor the Sub-Marnier had released Iron Fist from capture and torment from the H'ylthri, he used his mystical powers to erase Namor's memory and for a time turn him into a "Savage" Sub-Mariner[2]. Later, in a deadly confrontation, Prince Namor ripped Khan's head from his body.


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