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Villain Overview

My clan has been shackled with protecting humanity since time immemorial. They knew of the existence of power with infinite potential yet they did nothing. Truly a languorous and brainless clan. The same goes for humans. They refuse to change through the ages. Truly moronic creatures. My duty? To the world? I have discarded that long ago. I have obtained power, and so I wish to use it! I shall take this tedious world, and imbue it with the excitement of destruction and carnage! To all the foolish humans, I have for you a small present.
~ Master Logos reveals his motives to the swordsmen.
OMNIFORCE! When the sacred swords of legends and the chosen books are brought together, the great power shall be unleashed! OPEN THE OMNIBUS! FORCE OF THE GOD! KAMEN RIDER SOLOMON! FEAR IS COMING SOON!
~ Kamen Rider Solomon's transformation announcement.

Isaac Kanda is the most recent Master Logos serving as the leader of the Sword of Logos and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Storious) of Kamen Rider Saber. He is responsible for the attack on Wonder World 15 years ago and is involved in a conspiracy whose objective is to access the Tome of Ancients and use its power to remake the world.

Descended from the clan founded by the first Master Logos, Isaac inherited the title after being selected to become leader of the Sword of Logos. Discontent with his role as protector of what he saw as a stagnant and foolish humanity, Isaac secretly forsook his duty and began working to gather all the Wonder Ride Books and Sacred Swords in order to use their power to recreate and obtain the Book of Omniscience. To this end he manipulated Hayato Fukamiya into sealing Luna and enlisted the Shindai siblings to carry out his will, letting them know of his plans to seize the Great Book though keeping his true intentions with it a secret from them. He also has an alliance with Storious of the Megiddo, with whom he conspires to reassemble the Great Book so he can use its power to remake the world to his liking.

After gathering the Sacred Swords and using them to summon the Great Book, despite a minor setback caused by Touma, Isaac denounce his Master Logos title and gains his own personal Seiken which he uses to transform into Kamen Rider Solomon.

He is portrayed by Keisuke Soma, who is best known for playing Genta Umemori/ShinkenGold in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


Hailing from the clan of the original Master Logos, Isaac would eventually succeed his ancestor by becoming the new Master Logos and leader of the guild. He has led the Sword of Logos since at least 15 years ago, back when Daichi Kamijo was still with the guild. Because his clan was exposed to the power of the Great Book, Isaac aged much slower than a regular human, looking relatively young even though he had lived for over 1000 years. In that time, Isaac witnessed humanity continually repeat their mistakes and became discontent with his role as their guardian, leading him to desire to obtain the power of the Great Book so he could use it to remake the world and create a new humanity under him. Not long after becoming leader, Isaac had each of the four Wise Sages eliminated to ensure they would never become threats to his plan. As part of his scheme to obtain the Great Book, Isaac created Sophia, an artificial copy of a mysterious girl known as Luna who had the power to connect the worlds. After Sophia proved unsuited to replace Luna, Isaac reassigned her to Northern Base. Suspect of the Master's intentions, Sophia would secretly take and hide the book he had used to create her to ensure it would not be misused.

He was the one who corrupted Hayato Fukamiya, the current Kamen Rider Calibur at the time, to betray the guild and try to connect the worlds using Luna, leading to the battle of the Wonder World 15 years prior in which multiple swordsmen from the guild, including the current Saber, went missing in action. He would at some point made a pact with Storious of the Megiddo to work together to recreate the Omniscient Tome, though the exact nature of their alliance is unknown.

To keep the Northern Base swordsmen from catching onto his plans, Master Logos sent Reika Shindai, a new but intelligent member who joined from the Shindai Clan to sow discord between the Riders of Northern Base. She did so by claiming that Touma Kamiyama, who had learned of the existence of a traitor in the guild from Daichi Kamijo, had actually betrayed the guild himself. After Touma refused to give up his Wonder Ride Books and explained what Daichi had told him, the other swordsmen, not believing what he was saying, attacked him and exiled him from the guild. Master Logos also had Reika kidnap Sophia, so she could be interrogated as to where she placed the book that had the power to create artificial humans.

Tassel meeting with Isaac.

Master Logos would later seal Tassel after the Wonder World's guardian intervened and attempted to do something about the chaos being caused by the Megiddo, but the Master refused and sealed Tassel away after he protested. He would then task Reika with gathering all of the Wonder Ride Books from Northern Base, eventually sending her brother Ryoga Shindai to assist her. He would also unseal Bacht as well to have him attack the Northern Base swordsmen. After gathering all the Seiken and Wonder Ride Books, Master Logos attempted to seal Luna and use her to recreate the Great Book, but the ritual was interrupted by Touma. Despite this, while the Great Book remained incomplete Master Logos was able to obtain the Omniforce Book, enabling him transform into the Swordsman of Evil, Kamen Rider Solomon.


A vision of Isaac's twisted intentions for the Great Book.

Isaac, differing from the previous holders of Master Logos, is shown to be a power hungry madman obsessed with recreating the world in his visage. Despite his psychotic nature, he is very adept at keeping his true ambitions a secret from his followers. He appears to be very charismatic, able to obtain the staunch loyalty of the Shindai siblings and get them to violate their oaths to the guild by gathering the Sacred Swords for him, simply because he's convinced them that he intends to use them for good. He is also an incredibly skilled manipulator, having successfully risen to the top of the Sword of Logos and eliminated the four Wise Sages covertly to ensure they wouldn't stand in his way, and a great opportunist, taking advantage of Touma's break-in to Southern Base to lead him to the Primitive Dragon book. He also seems to be good at grasping people's personalities and exploiting them to his advantage, using the loyalty of Reika and Ryoga Shindai to get them to serve him while also playing on Touma's emotions to get him to unwittingly use the Primitive Dragon book.

While he's able to put up a calm face, in private Isaac often lets his true unhinged and psychotic nature slip. He is fine with taking any underhanded action that would advance his selfish goals, callous to the destruction it would bring. He unsealed Bacht, a rogue swordsman who sought to bring about the end of the world, simply so he could use him to attack the Northern Base swordsmen. While he claims to want to use the Great Book for good, when confronting Touma and Kento, he makes no secret of the fact that his ideal world would be a nightmarish hellscape full of human suffering. While his allies are unaware of his true self, he does not seem to have any compunction about revealing his true intentions to his enemies, as he knows they cannot do anything about it.


Isaac: I will obtain the Omniscient Tome and claim its powers for myself. I will reforge this dreadful world anew and become its ruler.
Tassel: Humanity's fate is not yours to toy with.
Isaac: Of course it is! That right is mine, so I will exploit all I have. The swordsmen, the Megiddo and now you.
~ Master Logos's conversation with Tassel in episode 26.
I'm simply creating a world free of conflict. The screams of humans will replace the birds chirping at dawn. Doesn't that sound nice?
~ Isaac revealing his true goals to Touma and Kento.
With the Omniscient Tome in hand, I will ascend to godhood!
~ Isaac reveals his godly aspirations upon the completion of the Great Book.
Salutations, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Isaac! I am he who shall rule over all of you. I am the God who will lead this world to ruin. But fret not, for I am merciful. I shall tell you how you can survive. It is by war. Fight amongst yourselves and the victor shall live! Now begin!
~ Isaac's announcement to entire world.
My reason, you ask? I once lost someone I loved... It was due to humanity's mistake... Would you be satisfied if I had told you that? I have not a reason. I was simply bored. In exchange for my clan having the duty of protecting the world, we have been passing down one part of the Book of Omniscience. Thanks to that, we live a slightly longer life compared to you. Promises... Commandments... Duties... There is nothing more boring than being tied down by such a farce for decades! It is a life no different than death. Add to that the endless cycle of humanity's foolishness. That's why I realized. If I change this world, surely I would change humanity as well. There's only so much that you... the current humanity can realize. That is why you first need to break the world and recreate it. Touma Kamiyama... you have proven yourself worthy to exist in my world. Will you join me to create a new world together?
~ Isaac explains his real motivations to Touma.
What kind of blasphemy was that?! You're in the presence of a god! KNEEL BEFORE ME!!
~ Isaac's last words.


Kamen Rider Solomon



  • Height: 217.6Cm
  • Weight: 136.2Kg
  • Punching Power: 63.3T
  • Kick Force: 110.9T
  • Jumping Ability: 112.5m (jump person)
  • Running Speed: 0.7 seconds (100M)
  • Deathblow: Solomon Blake
  • Sword killer Technique: Solomon Strash Almighty Almighty
  • Special Move: Solomon Zone


  • Solomon Helm Omniforce - Kamen Rider Solomon Omniforce head.
    • Omniforce Visor - Solomon Omniforce compound eye. It is possible to capture all the flow of power surrounding oneself as visual information. It is said that even the truth of this world can be determined by a transformant who is suitable for the power of omnipotence and omnipotence.
    • Omniforce Mask - Solomon Omniforce Mask. You can summon gods and beasts from the folklore in the Omniforce Wonder Ride Book and manipulate them at will.
    • Gods Sword Crown- It is placed on the top of the head as proof of the owner of the Omniforce Wonder Ride Book. It has the role of managing the state of Kamen Rider Solomon and Omniforce Wonder Ride Book, adjusting the power balance of both and canceling the transformation in an emergency. In addition, it is a blade with a sharp edge, and can be used in battle.
    • Omniforce Robe - Armor worn by Solomon Omniforce transformants. It brings the same power to omnipotence and omnipotence by using the mental power of the transformant as food.
  • Solomon Cuirass - Solomon Omniforce chest exterior. - It plays the role of a construction circuit that spins the power of the "Wonder Ride Book" and "Alter Ride Book" included in the Omniforce Wonder Ride Book, and can cause a powerful phenomenon through armor and armor. It is also possible to combine different folklore powers in a complex way to bring about a wide range of immeasurable events.
  • Phenomenon - Solomon Omniforce hand armor. It has the role of controlling the numerous folklore powers accumulated in the golden armor "Omniforce Scale", and can be developed as phenomena such as the explosion of prison flames and the rupture of space.
  • Omniforce Scale - Golden armor placed on each part of Solomon Omniforce. It is possible to accumulate the power of many traditions contained in the Omniforce Wonder Ride Book. It does not have the unique characteristics to accommodate different forces, but it is strong enough to withstand combat.
  • Phenome Granda - Solomon Omniforce foot armor. It has the role of controlling the numerous traditional forces accumulated in the golden armor "Omniforce Scale", and can demonstrate the ability to stay in the air by manipulating airflow and deploy ultra-high load areas.
  • Ride Minant Arm - Solomon Omniforce's arm. The main material of the exterior is special wrought steel that responds to thoughts, and it is possible to strengthen and control the movement of each part through the exterior. The transformant can behave far beyond his or her physical ability with only a strong thought.
  • Dooms Driver Buckle - One of the equipment used to transform into Solomon Omniforce. Bring out the power of the Omniforce Wonder Ride Book and give the transformant the same power as omnipotent and omnipotent.
  • Omniforce Robe - Armor worn by Solomon Omniforce transformants. It brings the same power to omnipotence and omnipotence by using the mental power of the transformant as food.
  • Ride Minant Leg - Solomon Omniforce legs. The main material of the exterior is special wrought steel that responds to thoughts, and it is possible to strengthen and control the movement of each part through the exterior. The transformant can behave far beyond his or her physical ability with only a strong thought.
  • Obscure Cloak - Solomon Omniforce cloak. An unstable substance generated between two different worlds is woven in, and its characteristics can be used to parry the enemy's attack to another world and nullify it.[1]



A wonder ride book that has emerged in the world after a ritual performed by Master Logos. It has the power to transform its user into Kamen Rider Solomon Omniforce. Based on the "Table of Contents", the essential "11 Holy Swords" and "19 Books", and the large number of "Wonder Ride Books" and "Alter Ride Books" stored in the Northern and Southern bases.

Although it was revealed in an incomplete state due to the interruption of the ritual, it possesses great power vergin on omnipotence. Phenomena caused by that force are wide-ranging, and can have a wide range of effects, such as spatial transitions and covering the world with dark clouds.


  • He is by far being compared to previous mad god-wannabe antagonistic Riders of Heisei Phase 2, such as Ryoma Sengoku, Kougane, Tenjuro Banno, Masamune Dan and Evolt.
  • One of his goal on either enslaving or/and destroying humanity is being compared to Banno and Great Eyezer.
  • Kamen Rider Solomon's head and cape are retooled from Kamen Rider Calibur Jaou Dragon, while his body is taken from a Kasshin and repainted.
  • His real name is pronounced in the show as "Ee-zahk", not "Ai-zaak".
  • The design of Master Logos' throne and throne room are a reference to the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.
  • According to Keiichi Hasagawa, the secondary writer of Kamen Rider Saber, Isaac's family name is "Kanda" and he has lived for 1028 years.[2]



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