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Master Necky is a giant Necky who rules the clan of Neckies. He appeared in Donkey Kong Country and is located in Monkey Mines. He also reappeared in the Game Boy Advance remake as a secondary boss in Chimp Caverns.

In order to defeat Master Necky, the Kongs must jump on his head when he finishes launching a coconut. After avoiding the accurate projectile, the Kongs must jump on its head and repeat the process until he's defeated. His attack pattern does not notably increase per hit.

In the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country, he has changed a little. In his battle, he gains invincibility before spitting a coconut (he'll be glowing red) and spits some when he's retreating. Master Necky also appears alongside Master Necky Snr. in the second to last boss fight.

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