Master Raymond is a villain appearing in the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Whispering Walls".


Nothing is known of Raymond's past except that he is both apparently extremely wealthy and a powerful sorcerer. He owns the Whisper Inn, a small inn that is somewhere off of the highway. He and the other spirits at the Inn are able to appear on Febuary 29 the day of a leap year, every four years, and if there'll be a full moon during the evening. Raymond is extremely old but looks very youthful. His skill is to lure people off of the highway to the Whisper Inn and then direct them to his mansion in the forest, where they'll become trapped. Their ghosts will become imprisoned in the walls and Raymond will draw on their lifeforces to live forever. The only thing that can defeat him is powerful gusts of wind. Because of this, he hates drafts and seemingly never ventures outside. As a result he is extremely pale and malnourished-looking due to a lack of sunlight.

When two children, Claire and Andrew, and their babysitter, Louise, get lost off of the highway and end up at the Whisper Inn, an irate Raymond snaps at Andrew for leaving the door open because he hates the wind. He denies owning a phone and instead directs the three to the mansion, as per his plan. When they arrive however, Louise's Volkswagen mysteriously breaks down. Leaving the kids in the car she ventures inside to use Raymond's phone, and is captured by him. Raymond keeps her imprisoned in a hidden room.

Claire and Andrew wait in the car but eventually go inside to search for her. Claire manages to find the room where Louise is being hidden, but Raymond hypnotizes both Claire and Louise, and they decide to remain. Raymond snidely tells Andrew to run away. Andrew attempts to use his pocket fan to drive the evil man away, remembering Raymond doesn't like wind, but Raymond just jerks it out of the boy's hand using telekinesis. All seems lost until an elderly woman, one of Raymond's victims, appears and confronts him about victimizing children, saying Claire reminds her of a daughter she once had. Raymond angrily tells her not to question him and return to the wall. Instead, she opens the front door, and a sudden gust of wind blasts into Raymond, turning him into a human dust cloud, whereupon he vaporizes.

Claire and Louise are freed from their hypnosis, and join Andrew in running out. The Volkswagen starts and they successfully drive away. However it's implied Raymond isn't gone for good when another car drives up and its engine breaks down outside of the house.

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