Sliver in 2003 TV Series

Master Sliver is an antagonist from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, a dark and corrupted counterpart of Master Splinter who is as ruthless and cruel as his mainstream self is kind and wise.

He was voiced by Darren Dunstan.


The brilliant but conniving Doctor Shreddarius created a World Unifying Leader, had a definitive hold on this universes' power and was untrustworthy. Shreddarius' own private experiments included four Turtle Super Soldiers in case Lucks decided to betray his scientific friend and his creations


In another universe, where the Turtles are superheroes instead of ninjas, their master, referred to as the Sliver, was initially their foster father but was eventually corrupted by evil. When Michelangelo was stranded in this parallel dimension by the fused Ultimate Ninja and Drako, Sliver was planning to wipe out humanity with the Penultimate Nullificator. However, because the device destroys all life on the planet, the Sliver modified it so that his tower and everything inside would be spared. He also planned on turning the Super Turtles to the side of evil once the Nullificator was set off, catching them in a Utromidium cage that proved impervious to their powers.

However, Michelangelo, who had accompanied the Super Turtles, came up with a plan to set them free. By having Blobboid pose as him, he tricked the Sliver into thinking that in Mikey's home universe, he and his brothers ruled the Earth and that they were loyal to their master. When the Sliver released 'Mikey', Blobboid revealed himself and snatched away his control cane, releasing the other Turtles from the cage. Unfortunately, the Sliver had the same powers the Super Turtles had and had mastered them to a degree which made him superior to his students.

With the Super Turtles quickly incapacitated, Mikey was left alone to face the Sliver. Using his ninja skills, he trapped the Sliver in his own cage, but the Nullificator was still set to go off. Luckily, Mikey figured that they could reverse its function to go off inside the tower. Shellectro managed to reprogram the device, and the Super Turtles escaped before the Nullificator destroyed the tower with the Sliver inside it, while Mikey was pulled away from this dimension by the efforts of his father, Splinter, to reunite his family.

His armor is very similar to the Shredder's.


  • Born in another universe, Sliver wanted to destroy humanity and turn his students into monsters like himself - which in some ways makes him comparable to the Shredder of the main world (especially the Utrom Shredder). 
  • The Sliver is similar to the Fantastic Four's enemy Super-Skrull since they both possess the same powers that The Super Turtles and The Fantastic Four have.


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