Master Xox, (pronounced "Master Zocks") is the main antagonist of the television series Sidekick.

He is bent on the destruction of his nemesis and ultimate good guy, Maxum Man. But Maxum Man is never around anymore so he will just settle for crushing Maxum Man’s puny sidekick, Eric Needles, instead.

When Master Xox is around Trevor's father, Mr. Troublemeyer, usually disappears due to the fact that Xox's real identity is, Mr. Troublemeyer. However, at the end of the episode Four's a Crowd, Master Xox and Mr. Troublemeyer exchanged shocked looks when they see each other, so it is suggested they might be different people.

Master Xox likes evil laughter, evil schemes, megalomania and evil kittens.

He dislikes Maxum Man, as well as anything related to him, including anything that was ever once touched or even once looked at by Maxum Man, he also dislikes Maxum Man's sidekick Erik Needles. In one episode, XOX kissed Eric on the lips and in another he kissed his nose. Eric moaned at this reaction (or groaned) but in the same episode, "XOX and Eric's Adventure Through Wonderland" they had bonded with each other and XOX let Eric sit on his lap. Ew, weirdo...



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