Mastermind is a power hungry former wizard whose lost empire once spanned the globe, he wishes to gain full domination of the planet as he had in the past before losing his body. He has a British accent and prefers to dance (it dances like a sick mouse). Also having a short temper, which results in its head being engulfed in green flames which are usually extinguished by emergency water sprinklers.


At first, Mastermind used to be a humanoid wizard with a pointy beard having once ruled an imperium that spanned 12 continents on a planet that only had 7. Millenia after that he took the form of a levitating purple skull surrounded by green flames, which seriously impaired its abilities. Lastly, the disembodied skull took possession of Yang's body, by swapping brains with Yang. The mittens used to channel his powers also seemed to be sentient, serving as hands required to operate in the world.


In his human form, Mastermind was able to cast lighting from the finger tips of his mittens. While in skull form he probably has less abilities, since Mastermind uses enchanted coupons to perform its possession ability. Through this, he's is able to swap brains with the other who willingly signs the coupon. When Yang signed said coupon, he got a large sombrero in exchange for his body. After the possession, Mastermind is able to use all of Yang's abilities, with the exception of experiencing pain (due to all the feeling of pain being transferred to Yang while he was just a brain). Combined with much of his own but at far greater levels than when a mere skull.



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