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See, what Match wants, Match is gonna get!
~ Match in "Questions Answered"

Match is an antagonist in Battle for Dream Island, and has also completed in every season to date except for TPOT. She is Pencil's loyal BFF, and as Pencil became more devious over the course of the series, Match followed as well.

Match was a contestant in BFB and a member of iance. She lasted 12 episodes, being eliminated in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", placing 58th/65.


Match appears to be a matchstick. Her flammable part is red, and her wooden part is light tan.



  • Match has thicker and darker outlines.


  • Match has thinner outlines.
  • Match has a darker tip.


  • Match has lighter outlines.
  • Match has a slightly lighter stick.


Match has the personality of a stereotypical teenage girl, saying the word "like" a lot. Like her best friend Pencil, Match can be snobbish and judgmental towards others. She also acts like a bully and justifies herself with illogical reasonings. She is most known for her friendship towards Pencil, following her in every way, including her immoral methods of leadership. However, Match is unaware of Pencil's bad influence until Bubble expressed how she felt, with Match believing that she was only following Pencil. She is unhappy when Bubble doesn't accept her apology, but she does still accept her faults.


  • Match said the first word spoken in the first episode of Battle for Dream Island, being "Yeah". In the finale, Pencil says that it would be weird if the first and last word spoken during the season was the same, and Match says "Yeah" as the last word, making Pencil's thought come true.
  • Match is the lowest ranking person in Battle for Dream Island Again who is voiced by Cary Huang.
  • In both Battle for Dream Island and Battle for Dream Island Again , Match is the lowest ranking member of her alliance. However, this changes in BFB, when Pencil is eliminated in "Lick Your Way to Freedom".
  • Match is in fourth place in the most dislikes in Battle for Dream Island Again with 426 dislikes. third place is Teardrop with 440 dislikes, second is Donut with 573 dislikes, and first is Puffball with 1,455 dislikes.
  • In Battle for Dream Island, Match has gotten the 5th least amount of overall votes with only 105. 4th is Snowball with 73, 3rd is Woody with 46, and 2nd/1st is Golf Ball and Pin with 26 votes each.
  • According to Cary in his Battle for Dream Island 3 reaction video, Match's voice in Battle for Dream Island Again was made using a plugin in FL Studio.

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