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Son. We can do this the easy way or the hard way!
~ Match to Marty McFly before knocking him out.

Match is a supporting antagonist in the Back to the Future trilogy.

He was a member of Biff Tannen's gang. Like Skinhead and 3-D, Match earned his nickname from a characteristic trait, which was that he chewed a matchstick (possibly to make him look cool or tough).

He was portrayed by Billy Zane, who also portrayed Hughie Warriner in Dead Calm, The Collector in Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight, Ansem in Kingdom Hearts, and Cal Hockley in Titanic.


Back to the Future


Match entered Lou's Cafe (along with 3-D, Skinhead and Biff), where Biff confronted George McFly, and asked if he did his homework. They also encountered Marty McFly (who had accidentally travelled back in time). Biff warned George not to return to the cafe. Along with Biff, and the rest of his gang, Match left the cafe, and they drove off in Biff's '46 Ford convertible.

Skateboard Chase

When Marty knocked out Biff at the cafe, he also knocked out Match, Skinhead and 3-D, before running out.

Match was in Biff's car when he and his buddies chased Marty. Like them, he was also covered in manure after the car crashed into a manure truck.

Enchantment Under the Sea Dance

Match was present at this ball and locked Marty up with 3-D and Skinhead in the Starlighters car. After Skinhead and 3-D offended the band, the musicians chased the three bullies away and freed Marty.

Original 1985

Match was most likely working with Biff and George McFly at the same company.

Back to the Future Part II

Alternate 1985

Sonny, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way!
~ Match confronts Marty in the alternate timeline.

Along with Skinhead and 3-D, Match works as a bodyguard at Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise. In this alternate timeline, Match also wore a white cowboy hat.

When Biff attempts to kill Marty, after discovering that he knows about the sports almanac, Match, along with 3-D and Skinhead chased him. Marty loses them in a fire escape.

Back to 1955

How the hell he change his clothes so fast?
~ Match sees Marty's past self, and, thinks that they're the same person.

When Marty returned to 1955 to save the timeline, Match was seen (along with Biff, Skinhead and 3-D) at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. Biff ordered them to look for "Calvin Klein" (the name Marty used on his first trip to 1955).

After Marty retrieves the almanac, he runs into the three (who assume that he is his past self). Although Marty loses them, the bullies chase Marty into the gymnasium, where they spot Marty's "other" self on stage at the dance. They believe it's the same person (though Match wonders how he managed to change his clothes so fast), and they get ready to jump him when he gets off stage. To save his other self (and to prevent a time paradox), Marty climbs up into the rafters and drops a set of sandbags on them, knocking them out. It can be presumed that Match, alongside Skinhead and 3-D, regained consciousness shortly afterwards only to find out that Marty had already left.



Back to the Future

Back to the Future Part II


  • Billy Zane, who played Match, would go onto play Cal Hockley, who has many similar traits to Biff, as both are misogynistic bullies that want to marry by force.


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