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Matchmaker McIntyre

Matchmaker McIntyre is a one-time villain in the Regular Show series, appearing in the episode "Real Date".

He was voiced by William Salyers, who also voiced Rigby and who also played Johnny Allenwrench.


Matchmaker McIntyre first appeared at Bistro en Le Parc at the front desk where he tried to make Mordecai break up with CJ so that he could rejoin Couple Coral. Mordecai rejected his offer, but that didn't stop Matchmaker from trying. A short time later, CJ received a call from L'wafflerie, prompting her to run to the restroom to answer the call. When CJ left, Matchmaker tried to encourage Mordecai to meet other women who don't go to the bathroom which angered Mordecai.

Later, Mordecai and CJ went over to the Town Square. The Matchmaker stalked them again and tried to get Mordecai to dump CJ while on a blimp. When Mordecai and CJ try to call their buddies, both Rigby and Eileen tell them to come to the pier at the waterfront. Mordecai and CJ were trying to get gifts for each other for their date and both wanted the exchange to be a surprise. Rigby was helping Mordecai by getting a golden bracelet and Eileen was helping CJ by getting waffles for her.

At the waterfront, before Mordecai and CJ could kiss each other, Matchmaker arrived in a submarine. Matchmaker told Mordecai that this is his last chance to break up with CJ. Mordecai, finally fed up with Matchmaker's antics, demands to know why he wanted him to break up with CJ. Matchmaker then tells Mordecai that because lonely people are now finding their respective relationship, they're cancelling their profiles on Couple Corral, which causes him to go bankrupt after spending it all on merchandise, like the submarine and the blimp. CJ insists that he sell his stuff, but Matchmaker refuses, saying that his lawyer thinks that the only way to make people rejoin Couple Corral again is to force couples to break up.

Mordecai rejected Matchmaker's offer prompting Matchmaker to use a bazooka to try and kill CJ. Fortunately, Mordecai pushed CJ out of the way and ended up getting knocked out by Matchmaker's blast.

Matchmaker then tried to make CJ rejoin Couple Corral. CJ then turned into a massive storm cloud in anger since she believed that Mordecai was dead. CJ caused lightning to hit the dock and the SUV, which was on the dock, fell on a gas tank, causing an explosion. The horn shaped hood ornament flew upward and pierced the blimp, which fell into the ocean. The blimp then crashed into the submarine, killing Matchmaker.


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