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He said, "Don't shoot.".
~ Targo furious when McClane kills his one of his men.

Mathias Targo is a major antagonist of the 1995 action movie Die Hard with a Vengeance. He is a Hungarian bomb expert, a contract terrorist and lieutenant of Simon Gruber whom he helps into stealing one-hundred and forty bollion dollars in golden bricks from the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

He was portrayed by Nick Wyman.


Unlike every other villain in the Die Hard franchise, Targo's goals were not self-serving as he genuinely thought that Simon intended to destroy the gold bricks to level out the economy. He is also shown to get upset quickly, being easily annoyed by Simon's constant messing with McClane, urging Simon to simply kill McClane and get it over with.


Early life

Mathias Targo was a Hungarian Army explosives expert, who soon became a terrorist by contract. An attempt on his life presumably killed Katya, his partner, though he was not at home at the time.

Federal Reserve Heist

Targo is first seen calling in the dump trucks to enter the room filled with gold. He advises Simon that they leave now, since they are already behind schedule, but Simon reassures him that there are no policemen within 20 miles. As they drive off, Targo urges Simon to simply kill McClane rather than continue messing with him.

After Simon and his men travel through the aqueduct, Targo once again chastises Simon for not killing McClane. Simon then pulls out a bomb, saying they will blow up the dam and drown McClane. Targo takes the bomb to the dam and plants it, before traveling with Simon and his men to Simon's freighter.

Confrontation with McClane

On the ship, one of his men informs him that the containers set to explode were filled with scrap metal instead of gold. Soon after, his man is gunned down McClane, causing Targo to furiously kick McClane in the face. McClane stabs him in the leg, then trips him with the ship's chain. He then swings the chain at Targo multiple times, incapacitating Targo and leaving him barely alive.


He is next seen in the motor boat, exhausted and savagely beaten. He reveals to Katya that Simon intended to blow up scrap metal rather than the gold. Katya unsheathes her gun, but instead of killing Simon, she turns on Targo and shoots him dead for his mutiny.

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