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Mathilda is a minor character in the videogame Madworld. She serves as the Black Baron's "Assistant" and a silent co-host for the Bloodbath Challenges. Mathilda is a medium height woman with a neck-long black hair, Maroon in Anarchy Reigns. She always wear sunglasses, and a torture outfit with multiple spikes on her armbands, leg bands, and outfit.



Mathilda makes an appearance in nearly every level in Madworld. After the Black Baron explains the rules for ever Bloodbath Challenge, Mathilda will appear out of nowhere, and use the Baron as a living demonstration.

During the final fight between the Black Baron and Jack Cayman, if the Black Baron manages to knock out Jack out of the boxing arena, Mathilda will use her spiked bat and beat Jack into a bloody pulp, dealing a huge amount of damage. After the Black Baron is defeat, Mathilda appears and throws the bat on the back of the Baron's head. What happened to Mathilda is currently unknown.

Anarchy Reigns

Mathilda returns a few years later. She still serves Black Baron's "assistant". After the Baron was defeated again by Jack Cayman, both Mathilda and the Baron join Jack to help him find Maximillion.



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