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This would go so much faster, if you just KILLED YOURSELVES!!!
~ Matriarch to the soldiers and mercenaries fighting her

Rachel Clamely later know as The Matriarch is a supporting protagonist in the first Killing Floor but returns in Killing Floor 2 as one of the main antagonists. She is the biological and estranged daughter of Kevin Clamely/The Patriarch.


As a human Rachel appears as a young adult female with lightish brown hair, black glasses, a grayish shirt under a lab coat with a tear in the left sleeve with bloodstains, bloody jeans with a bandage wrapped around her left leg and bloody black and white sneakers.

As the Matriarch Rachel has become heavily mutated her skin has become reddish and putrid with a giant claw for a left hand that has become integrated into her mech suit's cannon while her entire body is integrated into the mech suit


Rachel is the Daughter of Kevin Clamely however he was never around in her formative years leaving her to be raised by various relatives. Following in her father's footsteps she became a scientist at his company Horzine in an attempt to get closer to her father instead she uncovered some of the inhumane experiments that he had done or was about to do.


After the outbreak of ZEDS Rachel stayed in the London Underground when a group of soldiers, police, and mercenaries who had been tasked by an unknown organization to stop the outbreak at all costs entered the facility with the intent of destroying it. Rachel assisted them in destroying the facility and assisted them in some missions fighting alongside them but at some point was reported missing.


Years after the destruction of the underground Horzine lab in Britain and her disappearance, Rachel resurfaced to fight against her father, however in attempts to make herself stronger she became horribly mutated and her body became integrated into the mech suit she designed, for her own army she was able to steal an army's worth of Elite Defense & Security robots (E.D.A.R.s) however in some circumstances the E.D.A.R.s would assist ZEDs who most likely mistook Rachel for one of their own which only helped her as she didn't have to fight her father's army, Rachel took on the name of The Matriarch and even came in contact with the people who she once helped, however due to her mutations, just like her father she suffered a massive psychotic break and could only think about killing her father that she would kill anyone in her way that she perceived a threat


Perhaps I expected too much!
~ Matriarch when the player is far away from her




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