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Matt Barry is the main antagonist of the first episode, The Death of Rosa Wolf, in the Facebook game Criminal Case.


Matt is a 6'0" tall 24 year old man with white skin and brown eyes and hair. He wears a blue cap on his head, and a blue football jersey with the number "9" on it.


Matt Barry is a football player who was responsible for the murder of teenager Rosa Wolf. He slashed her throat with a knife and left her corpse on the backstreet of Grimsborough. He was incriminated thanks to a witness's account of the killer wearing a cap and because of his bloodied football jersey found on the crime scene, and was sentenced to life in prison for his crime automatically upon arrest, without Judge Hall's intervention. His motive for the murder was never revealed.


  • Matt is one of the only three suspects and one of the only two killers in Criminal Case whom the player character never interacts with.
  • In his mugshot, Matt has the number "9" on his cap, whereas he only has it on his shirt in the game itself.
  • Matt has a slightly different physical appearance in the mobile version of Criminal Case, as seen here.


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