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I can't thank you enough for what you've done. The Father will be here soon. We will remake this world forever.
~ Matt to Sarah after she does the Fourth Day Glitch.

Matt Hubris, initially known as Ifrit, and Rodney. R, is the final antagonist of BEN DROWNED, a famous ARG developed by Jadusable.

He was a mentioned character in the Haunted Cartridge Arc, a major recurring character in the Moon Children Arc, and the main antagonist of the Awakening Arc. He was a moderator on the Moon Children website, before being possibly killed by BEN or The Father and he ascended into the cartridge.


Haunted Cartridge Arc

Matt was mentioned in the Haunted Cartridge Arc in the original title of the video "jadusable.wmv", which was "Matt.wmv" before BEN removed the first part of the video and forced Jadusable to upload it with a different title.

Moon Children Arc

Matt made his first appearance during the Moon Children Arc in the website, going by the pseudonym "Rodney R.". He was highly respected by the group, and he was really enthusiastic when talking about it.

Before the end of the First Cycle, the Players discovered a page that would contain Matt's email address, which would allow them to talk to him. This revealed that Rodney R. was indeed Matt. He revealed that Ben was a member of the cult, and mentioned a character named "Alex", who was the cult's greatest warrior. An hour after this, the main page's theme changed, and all emails sent to Matt would receive an answer with Matt mentioning that someone keeps knocking on his door.

He disappeared after the reset, and the Moon Children website no longer had him. He was presumably killed and ascended, but a final message was discovered from him, which warned that BEN had to be stopped, implying that BEN was the one that killed him.

Awakening Arc

Matt appeared in the final phase of the story, inhabiting the potion seller model in the cartridge. He appears in Clock Town alongside Ben, telling Sarah that the inhabitants of that world weren't just A.I., and asks her to defeat the Father. Both Matt and Ben disappear after Sarah returns later.

He makes one last appearance in the final video, after Sarah does the Fourth Day Glitch, and had apparently lied to her, revealing that doing the glitch would cause the Father to finally awaken. He then mocks Sarah for helping him, and blames her for the deaths of the digitized souls.

Matt appears one last time in the sewer, which had turned into a black background, alongside the final Moon Child next to him. Matt realizes that Jadusable had given his power to Sarah before finally dying. He mocks Jadusable, mentioning how many times he had broken down in agony. Matt then finally fuses with the final Moon Child, forming Majora's Wrath and starting the final battle. Initially, Matt has the upper hand, since Sarah's attacks don't affect him, but eventually, Sarah plays the Song of Healing, which causes it to disappear and Matt reappears again, saying that she shouldn't have done that before disappearing. The Father appears to Sarah, and says that Matt had been deleted for threatening the natural order of the world.


Matt was enthusiastic about the Moon Children, and usually was friendly to other members and newcomers during the Moon Children Arc. However, several ominous messages from Matt were discovered, which presumably foreshadows his true nature.

Matt's true nature is revealed in the Awakening Arc, in which he manipulates Sarah into doing the Fourth Day Glitch. Matt was manipulative and psychotic, but still was strangely polite when talking to Sarah, while bluntly telling her that he was on the Father's side the whole time. However, it is unknown if this was caused by the Father's influence, similarly to when Jadusable seemingly worshipped the Father during his fight with Sarah.


Matt's profile picture in resembled a dark-skinned man wearing a helmet and a mask. It is unknown if this was appearance in real life, or if this was just an avatar.

Later, in the Awakening Arc, Matt used the potion seller model, having a slightly long brown hair, blue eyes and wearing a white shirt, and a green jacket over it. He also had black pants and a necklace. He was always smiling, though his eyes changed textures when he told Sarah that she made a great mistake, having strange, static-like dark blue eyes.


  • Matt presumably has a PlayStation 2, according to his About page in the website.
  • He liked to call Ben his brother, despite not being blood related. This also applies to Rosa, and it is unknown if she is actually his sister.


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