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Don't you get it? I'm God here!
~ Matt in his avatar form to the protagonist

Matt Miller is one of the secondary antagonist in Saints Row: The Third, and a supporting character in Saints Row IV. Matt Miller is the leader of the Deckers, and like Phillipe Loren, Killbane, Viola, and Kiki DeWynter, he is a member of The Syndicate. He is an expert in all instances of cybercrime such as hacking, and is usually the guy whom the rest of the Syndicate goes to for such instances.

Despite the grave threat he poses to the cyber community, Matt Miller is truly little more than a timid punk who fears guns, and can't stand the thought of getting killed. Matt loves technology so much that he even incorporates it into his clothing, such as various high-tech features on his dark, neon blue, light-up jacket.

Steve Jaros, lead writer of Saints Row: The Third, says, “he’s super cocky and kind of obnoxious and is very self-assured in what he does. However, when he’s around Killbane or Phillipe, he’s like a 15-year-old kid sitting at the big kid table”. Matt is described as an Internet god but is socially awkward when out in the open. With his make-up, greasy black hair, pasty white skin and dark clothes, Matt Miller's appearance is that of a stereotypical goth.

Matt and his gang are computer geniuses, but in stark contrast to the Luchadores or the Morningstar, they are more subtle in their commitment of crime. Deckers and Matt dress in very much the same way, sporting dark clothing with neon-blue highlights.

In Saints Row IV Matt had redeemed himself and worked for MI6. He assisted the Saints in their assassination of terrorist Cyrus Temple. A few years later he is abducted along with the Saints by an alien race known as the Zin and is trapped in a virtual nightmare where he is tormented by Killbane. When the Protagonist arrives to free Matt, he gets him to stand up for himself.


  • At 16-years old in Saints Row: The Third, this makes Matt Miller the youngest antagonist in the series.
  • Matt, along with the The Deckers are British in the Saints Row franchise.



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