Matt/Mutant is the zombie puppet that got burned by Dr. Magrew. He has the soul of Matt Deary.


He was a failed puppet experiment of turning a human into a puppet after Dr. Magrew drives into the woods where he puts down the crate and douses it. After knowing that his project was a failure as he was burning him by lighting a match and setting him on fire. His hand and what remains of him is later discovered by Jane.

Matt was somehow recovered by Jessica Toulon. Made from wood yet the unstable spell and ritual made him pure flesh...and suffering. For 10 years, the wounds are healed and jessica found him, when she was 24. His only ability is that he can spat out acidic ooze from his mouth. crude yet effctive.


  • Curse of the Puppet Master
  • Action Lab Comics - (Vacany)

Action Lab Comics

Vacany - Matthew/Mutant was seen in a Nazi collector's shelf along with Ninja, Bombshell, Blitzkreig, Weremacht, Kamikaze and Tank with no explanation of how they got there other than the man has been obsessed with tracking down all of the puppets that were once alive to put in glass cases.

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