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Matthew Duncan is an antagonist in I Spit on Your Grave

He was portrayed by Richard Pace.


Mathew Duncan was the mentally disabled friend of Johnny Stillman, Stanley Woods, and Andy Chirensky. When Jennifer Hills rented a cabin in the area where they lived, Matthew befriended her and developed a crush on her. Jennifer seemed to find him cute and kissed him on the cheek. Unfortunately, Johnny suggested that the four young men rape Jennifer, which Stanley and Andy agreed to. Matthew was opposed to the idea, but eventually succumbed to peer pressure and participated.

After the four men had their way with Jennifer, Matthew was ordered to kill her. Matthew couldn't bring himself to do it and let her live. This caused his friends to berate him. Eventually, goaded by them, Matthew reluctantly agreed to help them hunt down and kill Jennifer.

When Jennifer embarked on her revenge killing spree, Matthew was her first target. Matthew apologized for the rape, revealing that he was the one responsible for her survival, but said that if he didn't kill her, his friends would never forgive him. Jennifer calmed Matthew down and offered him a handjob. While Matthew was distracted by the sexual act, Jennifer tied a rope around his neck and hung him from a tree, causing him to suffocate.

Years later, Matthew's father Herman and grandmother known only as "Beady Eyes", along with several other relatives of her victims, would seek revenge on her.


Matthew was mentally handicapped, and was rather dim-witted. Out of all the men in his circle of friends, he was the most humane, as he showed reluctance to join in on the rape and was ultimately unwilling to kill Jennifer, choosing to spare her life. He was the only one to show remorse for his crimes. However, he could easily be goaded into doing terrible things due to peer pressure from his friends. Despite showing some sympathy toward Jennifer, he appeared to enjoy himself while he was raping her.


  • Matthew is a very contested character. Some viewers find him sympathetic for his mental disability, reluctance to join in on the rape, and decision to spare Jennifer, viewing her murder of him as a Moral Event Horizon crossing. Others however argue that he ultimately wasn't much better than the others since he did ultimately participate in the rape.
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